Monday, December 5, 2016

A Random Post

I don't have much to tell you about today, but I did want to post some iPhotos so I remember what happened in November that I didn't already mention.

November was the month of the Film Festival at Henry's school.  Henry is a co-leader of the film club and they organized submissions, had two viewings and an award ceremony.  I missed the high school showing but managed to make it into Brookline for the middle school's turn.  The movies were all quite good - and it was fun to watch Henry give a speech and as a added bonus, I got to see Josie there.  win-win-win.   And if anyone asks, that is not Henry in the above photo.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

It's properly winter now and today it even snowed.  Pippa Middleton has become taken to sleeping Princess and The Pea-style.

And so would I, if I could get away with it.

I took this photo of a photo at Gordy's parent's house on Thanksgiving.  Look how sweet young Henry and Georgia looked five years ago:

Josie had a friend from our town over to play and I took them to a trampoline park to burn off some energy.  Here is a photo I took while they listened to the rules of the facility.

I gave Gordy an Amazon Echo for his birthday and it's been fantastic.  Last night, we asked Alexa to play some Dolly Parton  songs ( I cannot for the life of me remember why Dolly Parton came up - perhaps the fires in Gatlinburg?)  and we had an impromptu dance party to Jolene and 9to5.

We have three current big projects - the first is to get through the next two weeks of endless appointments and end-of-the-calendar year functions/concerts.  The second is finish the holiday prep such as cards, decorating, meal planning and do a little bit of redecorating (primarily buying a larger bed for Josie's room and all the sheet, blanket purchasing that requires).  The last task is to get Henry his driver's license which involves a lot of Dealing With the driver's ed company, a lot of swearing under my breath at the driver's ed company and driving around the state with the 16 year old.

And if that sounds fun to you...

Ahh.  Isn't he cute.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Georgia Turns 14

Right after Thanksgiving, Georgia turned 14.  There was a fancy dining room dinner of her choice and there was cake....

but before all that, there was an 8am soccer game and a very early wake-up call.

Perhaps it's not the best way to start your birthday, but after a fall of no soccer, Georgia definitely didn't complain about finally starting the soccer season.

She played the game and waited until she was home again to open presents, 

which was a present to us all.

Georgia spent the day with her friend Colby - she had hoped to have a group of friends over but Thanksgiving-time birthdays limit your choice of celebrants.  Most people are with their families for the holidays.  

For dinner, Georgia chose her favorite Chicken Pot Pie and a chocolate bundt cake with buttercream frosting for her dessert.  Originally, we were going to have take out dinner with Gordy's parents and his sister and her family but after 12 hours of suffering with dog allergies at Thanksgiving, they no longer felt enthusiastic about coming to dog central for a little more runny-nosed fun.

Georgia was sorry not to have them there but perhaps it was for the best since we tend to sing rather boisterously when the cake is arriving at the table and to a 14 year old, that can be pretty embarrassing.

Thirteen was a pretty fabulous year and 14 will be even better.  Georgia has a trip to the Turks & Caicos to look forward to, her 8th grade school trip to Washington, DC, a full season of soccer and more lacrosse, 8th grade graduation, two weeks of summer camp with three of her friends and then starting as a 9th grader at high school in the fall.  Exciting, no?

Happy Birthday, Georgia!

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