Monday, February 20, 2017

Cinnamon Buns

My sister Elizabeth is a wonderful baker.  I still start drooling when I think of the time she made chocolate eclairs from scratch and there's a Milky Way cake that she made once that I think about frequently.  I'm pretty sure that Josie has inherited Elizabeth's baking ability - or else maybe she's just inherited my family's love of baked goods of any kind.

Either way, it makes me happy as I can enjoy the result without putting in any of the effort.  

That's my kind of cooking project!

This morning, Josie made homemade cinnamon rolls.

Here they were right out of the oven:

And here they are being iced:

They were as amazing tasting as they looked:

They were just coming out the oven when I arrived home from my pilates class, so that hour of exercise was for nothing.

The recipe made about 14 rolls and Georgia, Josie and I only ate one each.  They were pretty filling.

So, we have extras at our house, if anyone wants one!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Day

We had our first snow day yesterday.  Both schools were closed by Wednesday evening, so we got to plan ahead and sleep in.  Normally, I'm not fond of a snow day but this one pleased me.  I was ready for a day with no activities.

I'd say that we got about 14 inches of snow in total, but it was hard to tell since the winds had blown the snow into drifts in some places and almost-bare earth in others.

I spent my day relaxing on the couch.  Josie looked up recipes for her new favorite obsession - making slime.

Gordy worked from home, setting up his computer in what I am now referring to as his Winter White House:

I visited him a few times, once to watch a furniture delivery truck attempt to climb our steep hill, fail half-way up and then begin to slide back down, coming to a rest just feet away from crashing into our neighbor's house.  Again.

Did I ever tell you all about how a box truck (employed by a person who was buying snow tires from us), had a major catastrophe with it's parking break, barreled down our steep hill and crashed into our neighbor's house this fall?

It wasn't pretty and it almost happened again.

Gordy is back at his office today and Henry and Josie are at school, but Georgia's school had another snow day.  The sun is out and the snow is melting a little bit, although not enough to make a difference.  It's freezing outside, so that doesn't help.  

We are a little worried as we discovered that our gutter heaters and heated roof panels aren't working and more snow is predicted for next week.  We think that the heaters may have been fried when our house got hit by lightening last year.  We are now searching for an electrician who is familiar with this system so we can get it repaired quickly.  

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