Monday, October 24, 2016

Josie (and her teammates ) Walk For Autism

This past weekend, Josie (and Gordy) participated in a fundraising walk for Autism Awareness with her hockey team.

Even though I wasn't there (Henry and I went to Maine where we visited my parents) I brought Josie to this same event two years ago, so I feel confident that I can describe what is going on in the photos Gordy took with his iPhone.

The photo below is the group shot of all the Islander Hockey Club members who attended the walk:

The owner of the club likes to take a group shot every year which he then blows up, frames and hangs in the hockey rink.

The event is held at Great Woods (which has another name now but I don't remember it) and the walk itself happens in a loop around the parking lot.

Here is Josie with her friends.

Josie is on a great team - the girls have bonded nicely over the years.  

The girls are all from different towns but the majority of them are from the Andover area.  

They had a game on Saturday and afterwards, Josie brought her closest hockey friend, Ella, back to our house for an afternoon of play and then a sleepover.  Gordy then brought both girls to the walk.  

so obviously, Josie had a great time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lacrosse Tournaments

This post could easily be called:  What To Do When Your November Birthday Makes Playing Club Soccer In The Fall Impossible.

The answer:  Sign up for as many lacrosse tournaments as you can.

Georgia is not playing soccer this fall - her teammates are all playing for their high school teams and Georgia is still in eighth grade - but she is going to soccer practices during the week and soccer skills on the weekend.  

That's not really enough for Georgia, so Gordy signed her up for a few lacrosse tournaments with her lacrosse team.  The team usually has one practice a week during the fall with real games and multiple practices in the spring, but they do offer tournament opportunities throughout the year and so when able, Georgia is participating in those.

Gordy brought Georgia to a local tournament last weekend and I sent him off with my camera so we could have some photos of Georgia playing (what is currently) her main sport.

Since I wasn't there, I don't have much to report.  Here is what I did learn:  

1.  Georgia's team won most of their games but the girls didn't score enough in their final game to make it into the finals.

2.  They played a team from my old hometown in New Jersey and a team from Connecticut

3.  Gordy got a sunburn on the back of his neck

4.  Georgia's club has finally switched from the wildly impractical white short to a much better hunter green.

5.  I don't absorb very many actual sporting details 

6.  I should probably work on that!

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