Friday, July 22, 2016

Block Island With Elizabeth & Owen

Last weekend, Elizabeth and Owen came to visit us on Block Island!

Owen is almost four now, if you can believe that.

He is absolutely adorable - very talkative and social.  

Getting Elizabeth and Owen to the island was complicated - Sean ended up having some health problems and couldn't join us and then Elizabeth had what could politely be termed a "hard" ferry ride.  Let's just say that the ferry was rockier than usual and Elizabeth hadn't taken a dramamine.

Luckily things calmed down after they arrived.  We had a picnic on the beach, brought Owen to Mansion Beach where he happily jumped the waves and played in the ocean.  He made us proud in that he was a true beach bum baby.

Owen brought a backpack full of action figures and we all got to play superheros with him.

We also took him to the zoo and the fudge shop, out for Killer Donuts and we walked to the Painted Rock.

Owen calls me Marfa and he can't seem to figure out who Georgia is or what her name is, so he calls her Marfa, too.  We do look alike!

He can say Pippa Middleton perfectly!

We hope that they will visit us again next summer (with Sean :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mini-Golf Mini-Adventure

I wrote last week about all the appointments we've had this summer and how little fun we've actually been able to squeeze in during the week, but there have been exceptions.  Last week, I took the girls to play mini-golf and drive go-carts in Salem.

We got there late morning and strangely, we were the only people on either course.  Why, I don't know, we had a lot of fun and I'm sure the place is usually crowded.

Being the only two people on the go-cart track was pretty amazing.

The girls enjoyed whizzing around and around.

Henry missed out on this particular driving experience, but he's had two behind-the-wheel opportunities since he got his permit.  I wanted Henry to go out with a professional teacher the first time he got behind the wheel, so we signed him up for a series of driving lessons with a local school.  His first day was last Thursday, while I was picking up Elizabeth and Owen from Connecticut.  Apparently, the way the driving school works, is that they pick you up at your house with an instructor and another student (Massachusetts has rules about how many hours you have to drive with an instructor before you get your license and it includes observing other people driving) and then you drive the other teen home to his house and then you pick up another student who then observes you - or something like that.  In any case, the very first driving experience Henry had was not driving around an empty parking lot like we had all assumed, but instead driving down actual streets with cars and bikes and people alongside of him.  And not only in our town but through traffic to a neighboring town! 

Talk about trial under fire.

His next lesson isn't until the end of August and in the meantime, Gordy and I will take him out to practice in perhaps less stressful spots.

Yesterday, Henry drove me around our block and did a very good job.  I did realize pretty quickly that our neighborhood is surrounded by busy streets - something I hadn't really noticed before.

I'll keep you posted.

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