Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Soccer Saturday (On A Tuesday)

We are about a month into Josie's town travel soccer season.  It's the same fun team as last year only with three new players (and missing one player who switched teams and one who moved to a different town).  

Since they are only nine, the girls get moved around the different positions.  Sometimes Josie plays forward and sometimes she plays defense.... and if things are not going her way at all then Josie plays goalie.

On this particular Saturday, Josie stayed out of the goalie net and for that, she was very grateful.

Our team was down by one point when Josie kicked a hard, angled shot into the net to score!

Here is Josie moments after:

And here she is running down the middle of the field and celebrating with her teammates:

It's no use explaining to kids this age the rules of Excessive Celebration.  They just can't help themselves.

At least this time, Josie didn't do a cartwheel and at least this time our team wasn't winning 15-0, which actually happened last year.

The rest of the game was exciting.  The opposing team would score and then our team would score and tie things up.

And then we went ahead and the other team scored again.

But then Josie's team pulled ahead...

which was a relief since the team mascot (the coach's french bulldog, Maurice) was feeling very tense about the whole situation.

Don't feel too badly for Maurice.  Moments after this photo was taken, he relieved his stress by relieving himself on my foot and camera bag.

I guess SOMEONE doesn't like the paparazzi.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Great Cookie Project

This summer I tried a little experiment.  I asked the girls (and Henry - who ignored me and walked away) if they would like to be a part of The Great Cookie Project.  Each week, I would buy ingredients for a different cookie and the girls would take turns making them.

The official reason:  the children would learn important skills in following directions, measuring, mixing, creating, cleaning and doing a project from start to finish.  Science!  Math! Home Economics!  The Great Cookie Project had them all.

The real reason:  I wanted a never-ending supply of fresh, homemade cookies and I was too lazy to make them myself.

Josie and Georgia took turns being Head Chef and we mostly used recipes I found on Pinterest.  TGCP included chocolate chip cookies, S'mores Bars, Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies, jelly thumbprint cookies and (on the day that I remembered to take photos), sugar cookies.

It was Josie's week and she got to do all the rolling, the cookie cutter-ing and the decorating.

She chose whales, hippos, a martini glass, a goose and three ninjas.

Because why not eat a hippo cookie?  Or a ninja?  And everyone knows that goose is delicious.

Especially if it is covered in pink sugar.

Obviously the Great Cookie Project was a huge success.  It was such a hit that we thought we would continue it into the fall.  I envisioned one of the children making cookies each Saturday and then I imagined myself packing lunches with homemade treats.

It hasn't happened.

Who has time on a Saturday to make cookies!?!

We're lucky if we can get the smelly uniforms washed between games.

Fall is the killer of fun, summer traditions.  It's a fact.

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