Thursday, October 28, 2010

And to the tiger in the zoo.....

The start of school means the start of long-term homework projects.  Gordy is usually the go-to parent for any art/creative homework assignment, but this time I got to help as well.  Only the kindergarteners dress up for their Halloween party at our new school, but the second graders wear specially created hats.  Georgia's assignment was to make a hat using a piece of provided oaktag, that represented a favorite children's book.  She will bring the hat to school in a brown paper bag and on the day of the Halloween party, she will wear the hat as her costume and the other children will have to guess what book she chose. 

Georgia and I are reading our way through Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books before bed each night, so at first Georgia thought she would make a sunbonnet and decorate the sides with Laura Ingalls-y things like sewing thimbles, horses and text books.  But as all kids do, she changed her mind, deciding that no one else would have ever heard of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Don't ask me why she thinks an American classic such as Little House in the Big Woods is so obscure.  I wonder if that says anything about my book choices?

I won't tell you what book she finally settled on.  You can serve as stand-ins for her classmates and see if you can guess from her hat and the clues she provided on the hand-in paper.

First Georgia drew a tall house and then, using plastic vines we bought at the craft store, she decorated the building.
She included a great number of details, including flower boxes, a decorative front door and metal spikes on the roof. 

Georgia has been working on sssslllllooooowwwwiiiinnnngggg down when she works and she did a fantastic job of taking her time and doing her best work. 

After she finished drawing, we spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to make the actual hat.  This is probably something we should have thought about before the drawing began.  Georgia wanted to cut the building out and attach it to a headband-like strip of paper.  Gordy thought it would be best to roll the whole piece of poster board and turn her drawing into a tall, cone-like hat.  Guess who won?

I think it looks fantastic. 

Here are the clues that Georgia wrote out for her classmates:

In case you can't read them, they say:
1.  This book is about a girl.
2.  She is not afraid of mice.
3.  She has a scar.

Have you all guessed?


Aaron said...

Great choice. Great clues. Great hat. Great book - Jessie likes those books. I am sure that someone will be able to guess, but her picture and clues do not make it too obvious. And I love that idea - much better than wasting $35 for a cheap red devil's costume and pitchfork. And that is just what Gordy was planning to wear...

Tara said...

I got it on the first photo! Madeline said...(I won't print the rest here as we're working on "no potty talk" in our house at present)! Nice work Georgia!!

Martha said...

Thanks, Aaron! Georgia will be very proud that her picture/clues still hold some mystery. She's hoping to stump her classmates. Of course, the book is a little more current for the 7 year old set and perhaps a little easier to guess for them!

Martha said...

Tara - hee, hee! Ah, the potty talk years. Such a fun time!

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