Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working With A Stylist

My five year-old, Josie, is fond of fashion and likes to dress the part whatever the activity.

Remember the farm get-up for apple picking?

Ever seen a more authentically outfitted chef?

Maybe because she is my third child and I just don't want to fight anymore, or maybe I just enjoy the daily surprise when she comes down the stairs dressed and ready for the day, but I've learned to appreciate her art and I always have a camera ready to document the truly ..... amazing(?).

Here's a perfect example. 

See that bandanna tied around her head?  I didn't suggest that.  I didn't even know we HAD a pink bandanna.  Josie remembered that it was part of an apron she made at her two-year-old preschool group and she gave it to me with strict instructions on how to tie it. 

It's not just her outfits that are unique either - it's the combination.  She channels her inner Carrie Bradshaw every morning and works diligently to coordinate clothes, leg wear, shoes and hair accessories.  Case in point:

But for every truly bizarre and just WRONG combination that she comes up with, there is an equally perfect RIGHT outfit.

Perfect.  Am I wrong? 

And look at this one
Adorable!  I even like the white shoes.

So I figure five years is a long enough free ride around here.  It's time to put this little missy to work and let her earn her keep.  Gordy and I are going to a fund-raising gala soon and I have to have a proper dress.  Who better to take along on my shopping spree than a five year old fashion stylist with a penchant for accessorizing.

I brought along a camera so Josie could document our choices.

Option number 1.  A little matronly, strange shoulder straps.  Not bad but not the one.

Option number 2.  (mind you this is a bright purple dress, even if it did come out blue in the photo).  Not terribly flattering, but at least I'm getting better at my modelling pose.

Hmm.  Much better.  Stylist says "me like-y" and I have to agree.  This might be a winner.

The hard-working stylist poses with the keeper.  Good job, Josie! 

Your first client is happy!  (don't rub your eyes... it's the picture that's blurry.  Self-portraits with pocket cameras are often pretty bad.)


elisabethellington said...

Maybe Josie will grow up to have her very own fashion blog a la Tavi at Style Rookie. If you don't know her blog, visit at A couple of Josie's outfits remind me of Tavi!

Pretty dress for you!

Martha said...

Thanks! I will check out that blog. And congrats to you on your big news. I am very excited for you!

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