Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carving the Pumpkin

On Saturday, we bought and carved the family pumpkin.

AHHH!  Gordy has be-headed the pumpkin!  Oh, the guts!  The gore!  My eyes!  My eyes!

Oh well.  I laughed uproariously, but the kids didn't find it amusing.

Both Georgia and Josie had specific ideas on the design for the jack-o-lantern, so Gordy allowed them to each have a side.
First he cut Georgia's side.

Georgia had Gordy cut her pumpkin with a winking eye.

Josie chose teeth and hair. 

And Henry?  What did he choose, you ask?  Nothing.  Henry chose to go inside and play knee hockey in the basement.  It was very cold outside and very warm in our house.  And it's probably a good thing, because it's going to be a big enough battle on Halloween night when both girls argue over whose side will face the street! 
(oh.  And if you are wondering why both girls look like I've never brushed their hair before, it's because they both had soccer today and it was very windy.  Actually, I'm not sure I did brush Georgia's hair....)


Aaron said...

1 pumpkin? I was forced to carve 4 pumpkins one afternoon. 1 for each kid and 1 "for the family." 4 may be overkill, but 1 feels inadequate for a family of 5. Time to step it up.

Martha said...

hee hee. It's a miracle that we carve even one pumpkin. You should see the size of our charley brown-esque christmas tree! Martha Stewart, we are not!

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