Monday, November 1, 2010

The Friday Before Halloween

The luckiest thing happened to me on the Friday before Halloween.  For the first time in the history of our family, the stars aligned and I was able to attend all three children's Halloween parties at school.  It has been my experience that teachers like to hold parties at the same time and it is physically impossible to attend more than one party when this is the case.  As the barrage of emails reached me in the weeks prior to Halloween, I began to notice a strange occurrence.... each class had planned their festivities at different times.  It would be possible for me to attend Georgia's class' Halloween Bag Decorating Event, then dash down the stairs to Josie's Kindergarten Halloween Extravaganza before going to Henry's Fifth Grade Halloween Party/Game time. 

It was nothing short of a miracle. 

On Friday morning, Josie woke up at her usual 6:30am.  After eating a quick breakfast, she put on her costume and waited for the 8:00 hour so we could leave for school.   Once in costume, Josie didn't break character.  This is how poor Henry had to eat his breakfast:

Right before we left, I applied Josie's whiskers and red-button kitty nose.  Putting on "make-up" was probably the highlight of Josie's day.

Note my look of intense concentration.  Applying kitty whiskers is apparently hard work.

Here is the almost-finished product.  Right after this, I applied a red lipstick dot on her nose.

The transformation from girl into black cat was complete and it was time for the little kitty to walk to school.  When I said she didn't break character, I wasn't kidding.  Here is how she made her way to school:

The constant posing led to a considerable amount of teasing by Big Brother and Big Sister.   Older siblings hate played-up cuteness in little sisters, just ask my two sisters about the time I posed for an Easter picture with my fingers braided together and held just-so.  The thought still raises their hackles, I am sure.

Here are Georgia and Henry imitating Josie and her cat claws. 

Mocking aside, we did eventually make it to school.  Josie got in line with her kindergarten classmates and checked out all the costumes. 

I went upstairs to Georgia's classroom and helped four children decorate their Halloween bags. 

Here is Georgia following directions and drawing her design in pencil.  It's always fun to help with a holiday craft project at school.  Second graders get right down to business and there isn't a whole lot of messing around.  The teacher told them to "fill up the entire bag" with their design and this direction was taken very seriously.  Before the kids began, the teacher showed them an example of a finished bag with a haunted house, an owl, a gravestone, a ghost and black cat on it.  Most of the children then proceeded to draw a haunted house, an owl, a gravestone, a ghost and black cat on their bags.  It seems that Georgia's class is very literal.  Either that or they are not very creative.

Georgia drew a cemetery scene at midnight.  She drew gravestones, a metal gate, a yellow moon, a bat and a witch that looked remarkably like herself. 

Here is Georgia posing with her finished project.  Very nice, Georgia!

After my hour with the second graders was up, I raced down two flights of stairs to the Kindergartners in the basement.  Josie's class was out at a "special" so I helped the other mothers set up the classroom for the party.  As I doled out such healthy snacks as fruit salad, carrot sticks and bagels with cream cheese onto each child's plate, I realized that this is what makes kindergarten unique.  The kids are still young enough to enjoy healthy food at a party.  In a year or two, a school party without junk would cause a riot.   Unfortunately, my third child has been to more than a few of her older sibling's school parties, and I rightly suspected that this food was not going to go over well with Josie.

At first the yogurt-tipped pretzel stick amused her and she did remain politely quiet about the subject while in school, but don't think for a minute that she didn't bemoan the lack of  candy when we were alone in the car later. 

Josie and I went home for lunch and then returned in the afternoon for my third and final activity.  Henry's class party had the sweets that Josie's had lacked and she instantly made up for lost time by parking herself next to the food table.  I took plenty of photos of the fifth grade celebration, but none of just Henry, so I will post a preview of his costume instead.

Scary, huh? 

It was a fun, but exhausting, day!


Elizabeth said...

Urgh--that picture of you with your long red dress, your mushroom white fluff haircut and your fingers entwined can still make me shudder!

No offense. ;)

Martha said...

None taken. But the little sister in me is happy that you shuddered!

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