Sunday, November 28, 2010

Georgia's Birthday

Georgia is the type of girl who likes to sleep in late.  She's a reader, and even though we put her to bed at eight o'clock, she's often still up at 9:30 reading away.  Many a night, we have to pry the book out of her fingers and physically pull up the covers and turn off the light to get her to go to sleep at all.  Luckily for us, she makes up for lost time by sleeping late most mornings.  This is a good thing, trust me, because my other two children are early risers and no matter what time you put THEM to bed, they wake up at 6:30am.  The only thing that changes is their mood;  late bedtimes equal surly dispositions, early bedtimes equal happy dispositions.

On the morning of her birthday, however, Georgia got up early.  In fact, she was the first person down the stairs after early-rising Gordy and she spent the time poking and feeling her presents until the rest of us got up.  Traditionally, we open presents first thing in the morning.  This fact is important to understand before I show you the photos, where our spectacular bedheads take center stage.

Georgia got many wonderful gifts from her large family, including a light-blue fleece coat she has coveted for a long time.  Now Georgia can go outside and rest assured that she looks like every other 8 - 19 year-old girl in our town.  She hasn't taken the coat off since this unwrapping, so I'm pretty sure the gift was a huge hit.

Georgia was also pleased to receive a Labbit from Elizabeth.  She was particularly surprised that Elizabeth had managed to pick up on her non-stop hints while we were in Philadelphia.  Who knew that Elizabeth was paying attention when Georgia stood, eyeing the Labbit display and saying in a loud voice "I sure do wish I could get a Labbit for my birthday.  There's probably no other toy I'd like as much as a Labbit.  If only SOMEONE would BUY me a Labbit.... It would make a perfect birthday gift for a little girl who is turning 8 in November."   The whole thing was amazingly not subtle, but apparently Georgia had thought it was.  After opening the present, she gleefully exclaimed "I can't believe that Elizabeth knew I wanted one of these!"  I suppose she was too busy staring at the Labbit to see the adults around her rolling their eyes up to the ceiling!

It is hard to watch other people open their presents. 

After breakfast, Gordy took the birthday girl and her brother and sister to Grandma & Grandpa's hotel pool for a nice indoor, winter swim.  I stayed home to make the birthday cake (devils food with seven-minute frosting.  Yum.)

That afternoon, the mail brought another present, this time from Elsie.  Presents from Elsie are exciting for two reasons:  they are presents and Elsie mails her packages using actual stamps and my modern children find this fascinating. 

For her birthday dinner, Georgia chose to eat at her favorite Italian restaurant. 

Having a birthday so close to Thanksgiving means that you get to share your day with Grandma and Grandpa.

The dinner took awhile to arrive after we ordered, but Georgia came prepared. 

After dinner we went back home for cake.

And with that, the birthday was over.  Happy Birthday, Georgia!

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