Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 fell on a Sunday, so we started the day the way we always start Sunday - with a hockey game.  Georgia had a Nutcracker rehearsal and Josie and I grocery shopped.  It was like any other day.  Around 3:30, the kids could barely stand the suspense any longer and got into their costumes.  It was actually the first time that Georgia had even tried on her vampiress outfit and we were relieved to find that it fit. 
Everyone posed for pictures outside near our two-sided pumpkin.  (Georgia's side faced out for pictures, Josie's faced out for the trick-or-treating). Then we waited.  And waited.  It seemed like a long day. 

As the afternoon ended, we headed over to our friends' house across town to trick or treat with them in their candy-superior neighborhood.  The first thing we saw when we arrived was this...

Is this not the most amazing / disgusting pumpkin you have even seen?  We were all very impressed.  Can you tell that our friends have two boys and no girls?  No coiffed hair on this pumpkin!

Georgia was still getting back into her costume when I started taking photos.  I correctly sensed that it was getting dark and I was running out of time to capture the moment. 

Wait!  What's this?  Josie's wearing a different costume?  Oh.  Yes.  That's right.  An hour before we left to go to our friends' house, Josie decided that she did not want to be a black cat.  What she really wanted to be was an Ice Princess.  After listening to her cry for a few minutes, I managed to convince her that it was not possible to buy her a new costume.  I am proud to have accomplished even that much.  I then encouraged her to check out our dress-up clothes bin and see if she could find Georgia's three year old Ice Princess costume and matching accessories.  She found the dress (ripped and tattered and barely still together) and a portion of the original wand which she decided I could fasten to the top of her head with bobby pins.  We all tried to get her to go back to the adorable black cat, but she was having none of it.  I'm pretty sure that the whole episode was a result of seeing Georgia in her vampiress dress and wanting a dress of her own.  At least she wore the cat costume to school.

Georgia finally came outside, fully dressed.  Please do not mention anything about her sneakers.  We promised her that no one could see them! 

I also got some photos of our children together and with their friends.

Here we all are, ready to leave and dressed for the freezing night it was:

It was really cold - in the 40's.  The girls were both wearing turtlenecks and thick tights under their costumes and Henry was wearing a sweatshirt and pants.  Before we had even left our friends' house, Josie had her coat on and a block or two later, Georgia needed to put on fleece pants and a coat.  I had packed warm pants, coats, hats etc and Gordy pulled them all in our old wagon.  Of course, you can imagine what happened next...

The trick-or-treating was a huge success.  We met up with even more friends and toured the area as a large group.  The neighborhood where we go is near our old school, so it was fun to see a lot of friends we haven't seen in a while and the trick-or-treating is very good quality.  My children were pleased to get more than one full-sized candy bar and no plastic toys or toothbrushes.  Henry was the only child who got a box of raisins. 

The highlight of the night is always when you go back home and you get to spread out /count your loot.  We had school and work the next morning, so we tried to keep the candy consumption down to a minimum. 

Since Gordy and I stay on the street while the kids go up to each door, we always enjoy the recap that the kids give us as they sort their candy.  One of the houses that we visit is known as "The Candy Man" and he is famous for giving out numerous full-sized bars.  The line to get to his house is long and slow but worth the wait.  Last year, he organized the queue to snake around his house and end is his backyard where the kids could get the candy and then exit from the opposite side.  This year, probably because of the cold temperature, he stayed inside and the line moved slowly as the kids went in and out the same door.  All five kids went inside together and when they got back out, Josie only had one candy - a packet of pretzel M&Ms.  Everyone else got multiple candy bars, but not one was a pretzel m&m.  This led Gordy to joke that Josie had actually gone into his kitchen and taken his personal candy supply.  The thought of Josie sneaking, undetected, into this man's kitchen to get the best candy, cracked us all up but no one more than Georgia.  I will end this post with pictures of Georgia, laughing so hard that she cried!  Hope you had a good Halloween, too!

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