Thursday, November 18, 2010

Josie, The Budding Photographer

The camera I use most often is a digital Canon EOS.  It is a wonderful camera because it is completely foolproof;  you press half-way down on the button and it focuses for you and even politely beeps when it's ready for you to snap the picture.  It is very easy to use and it serves me well.  The camera's only real fault is that its large size is not exactly handbag friendly, so a few summers ago, I bought a snappy little Canon Power Shot to use on those occasions when it's a pain to bring my big camera.  The Power Shot is green, compact and spiffy and so basic that even my children can use it.  Josie is the most interested in photography and she will often pick up the camera and document the day from her 3 foot 7 inch perspective.  I was down-loading photos from the fundraising gala that Gordy and I attended the other day and I found a bunch of photos that Josie had taken throughout the last month and quite a few of them were amusing.

Here is Josie's view of Georgia, a relatively short second-grader.  She looks like a giant, right?

Here I am doing something with the dishwasher.  I like the view of the pasta on the island - very artistic.

This series of photos was particularly amusing.  Here we are talking before the kids went to bed.  Gordy has my full attention.

Once that first picture was taken, we must have decided to pose.  Don't ask.

This next series of pictures is from what I will call Josie's Car Period. 

Here is the corner of a house as seen from the back seat. 

Note the picturesque raindrops on the car window.

Self portrait entitled "Stuck in the Back."

AHHH!  Too close, Josie!  Too close!

All three children have asked for cameras for Christmas and I'm hoping that they enjoy them.  If nothing else, they will be good for a laugh!

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