Thursday, November 11, 2010


We have very active children.  Not active in the sense that they never sit still or are overly hyper.  No, our children just enjoy group activities like sports, dance and drama and they spend a great deal of time doing this:

I'm slightly embarrassed to total up all the different activities that my three children take part in as I don't want to imply that they are over scheduled, but I would imagine the number would average 4 things a week for each child.  Gordy takes over a great deal of the carpooling and dropping off on weekends, but during the week, it's all me and where I go, the other two children go. 

In other words, at any given time, three of the five us are waiting.

Poor Josie has the most waiting to do each week.  Josie attends half-day kindergarten so she is able to do all her activities in the early afternoon before the other two children get out of school.  Unfortunately, due to lack of parking at our school, her half-days insure that she has to spend at least a half-hour in the car before the other two appear.  My car - which doubles as a storage facility - is full of picture books, coloring books and crayons, and other bits and bobs that amuse Josie for a few minutes.  The rest of the time is spent with her in the front seat, pushing buttons, trying out the windshield wipers and trying on things she finds in my purse.

Here she demonstrates how adult sunglasses should be worn - with attitude.

We are a no-video-game family, which means that our children do not have playstations or game boys to use while they wait and our rule is to bring homework and/or books where ever we go, but it's an often ignored rule.  While I sit quietly reading, I often have to deal with this:

You would think that after five + years of this waiting thing, I would come prepared with a bag of tricks surgically attached to my shoulder.  But I don't.  I'm not one of those fabulously prepared moms.  I used to bring a tote bag of coloring supplies with me to the ice rink, but my girls usually just played with other hockey siblings and the bag never was touched.  And then, when my children learned to read and got actual homework assignments from their teachers, I think I just got lazy about the extra activity bag.  I mean, what's better for getting homework done than a boring warming room in a smelly ice rink?  

Of course, that doesn't really work for the kindergartener who has no homework.  She looks miserable, right?  Don't let the photo fool you.  I snapped this picture minutes before Henry came out of the locker room and we went home.  She had been perfectly happy until this exact moment.  As I constantly remind them, it may be your turn to wait right now, but soon it will be your turn to have fun while the other two get their turn to be bored.  For the most part, it all evens out.

Soon my children will be older and won't have to be dragged around to their siblings' myriad activities.  Soon they will be old enough to drive themselves to things (scary as that sounds for everyone in our area).  I will probably miss these moments when the kids are still happy to sit and tell me about their day while we wait for someone to get out of their music lesson or change out of their ballet shoes.  Next year, I will wait in the car alone before school gets out and I will probably be lonely.  Maybe the children will return home to find me draped over a chair, moaning in boredom.  We'll wait and see. 


Elizabeth said...

I love the picture of Georgia playing lacrosse! She's so little, yet she looks fully prepared to whop anyone who gets in her way....

Martha said...

You are so right! She leaves no prisoners.

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