Monday, December 13, 2010

Acquiring The Tree

It was a strangely warm, rainy day when we went to buy our Christmas tree this year.  The thermometer in my car read 48 degrees, but I suspect it was even warmer.  After all, the car temperature display has been known to read in the 50's on a scalding hot summer day, and I'm starting to think it may not be so accurate.  Because it was raining, we did not spend our usual long time at the tree center.  Santa's representatives were not out handing out the candy canes, the bonfires were all just piles of smoking logs and even the petting zoo was tucked dryly away in a private barn.  It was not a day for festive lingering.

Instead, we picked out one of the first trees we saw, scooped up two wreaths for the doors and skeedaddled over to the check out line. 

We did manage to take two pictures to properly mark the occasion.

The rain was coming down pretty hard by this point and so the kids and I got into the car while Gordy helped the attendant tie the tree to the roof. 

Here we are waiting for the Tying To Finish:

I liked the view of the tree through the rain-soaked sun roof.  Very artistic, don't you think?

Once home, we decided to let the soaked tree dry for awhile in the garage.  But first we had to remove it from the roof of the car - which was no small feat because the attendant had gone REALLY crazy with the twine.  Gordy and I were impressed by his job dedication.  I'm not sure we would have be so thorough while working in a torrential downpour.

Ta Da!  She's a real beauty.  I'm eager for the tree to dry so we can bring her inside and fulfill her Christmas Destiny!

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