Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decking The Halls

My sister, Elizabeth, often accuses me of hating holidays.  I grumble about Valentine's Day, I complain about Easter, I can barely tolerate Halloween, don't even mention Thanksgiving to me and I've been known to say that if it weren't for my children, I'd probably pass up Christmas.  But other than that, I'm not sure what she means.  Obviously, I love's the decorating that I hate.  My hatred of holiday decorating isn't genetic, my mother is a wonderful seasonal decorator.  My childhood house was decked out according to whatever holiday was in season and Christmas was the pinnacle of knick-knack cheer.  It was wonderful. 

I mean, if my mother wanted to come and decorate MY house, that would be great.  I just don't really enjoy doing it.  Okay, Elizabeth!  I truly dislike it.  I don't like the additional clutter.  I have enough regular clutter without adding holiday things to the mix. 

But I do have children:  three of them.  And children like a little holiday broo-ha-ha, so I do my best to decorate.  We carved a pumpkin - even if it was only one (thank you pointing that fact out, Aaron!), I put the children's Thanksgiving crafts on the table and I've been steadily acquiring Christmas things over the last decade.  I am getting better at faking holiday cheer, so good in fact, that perhaps you should call me the Meg Ryan of Christmas decorating.

And so I present to you all the evidence of my hard work:

Christmas 2010, Martha-style

And now the inside:

I am and I do.

The magical tree forest..... ooohhh.

No self-respecting Norwegian family would be without trolls at Christmas time....

Mine are spending their Christmas on our piano, where they will enjoy listening to Georgia practice and perhaps hum along like my dear Gramma Ruth.  After all, 2/3rds of these trolls used to be hers. 

My mother is responsible for my Plump Collection (even though she will shudder to hear me call them that):

I am a sucker for any animal with a little leg, so these birds are particularly welcome to join the festivities.

Our new mantel doesn't have stocking hooks up yet, so I had to take photos of the children's stockings on the hearth.  This is a good opportunity to show off my needle-pointing skills and prove that I'm not as big a holiday curmudgeon as I am made out to be:

Even our fake dog, Millie, has been given a little holiday cheer:

Our stairs got a holiday make-over as well:

Mr. & Mrs. Claus reside on the self above my sink.  These are more ornaments from my grandmother Ruth's collection.  She made these for her own tree and my mother and aunt have matching sets on their trees.

I bought this wooden forest scene this year from Chinaberry (a wonderful catalog for books and gifts):

And lastly, a holiday pillow for our pleather chair:

The house looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.  And I have to admit, that the whole process was relatively pain-free.  Perhaps I am getting better about the whole decorating thing.  Who knows.  We'll wait and see.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, Scrooge, it looks nice! Especially the political Santa. :)

Martha said...

Thank you! But on January 1st, they all go back in the bin!

elisabethellington said...

Very impressive! I have vowed that next year, when I too have children, I will go all out. But this year, we had a festive wreath. The End.

I just realized this year that I don't actually like Christmas very much either. Maybe it's because of the food. Except for the cookies, WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR CHRISTMAS? It just doesn't seem to come with the clear-cut choices of the other holidays. Even if for Halloween the obvious choice is lots of candy.

Martha said...

A Festive Wreath! How I long for decorations as simple as a Festive Wreath. And as for the fake tree, it makes perfect sense. There's a reason I don't have live plants in my house... the watering, the needles that need to be vacuumed, the lugging of the tree to the dump... if I could only figure out how to assemble a fake tree, I'd do it in a minute. And I personally, am looking forward to reading your blog next year when you are a family of 4 (not including myriad pets!)

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