Sunday, December 26, 2010

The First Snowfall

Henry has begrudgingly been wearing pants for the last few weeks, but even so, the first snowfall of the year was pretty exciting.  Personally, I was shocked at how much snow we actually got.  I had been listening to NPR all day and they were reporting that we would get scattered "snow showers."  That usually means a dusting, so no one was more surprised than I was when the final total reached two + inches.  Just enough snow to cover the ground nicely, but not enough for the landscape company to come plow my driveway. 

This is our eleventh year living in New England, and I'm proud to say that I've learned a lot about surviving in a snowy place.  The most important lesson is "Shovel or plow your driveway regardless of how much snow you get."  This is a crucial point because you never know when a pretty, snowy day will suddenly turn into a freezing cold night and all that soft, fluffy snow turns into a solid layer of ice that you can't scrape up until spring time.  Our new house has a long, curvy driveway and on those days when the landscaping company deems the snowfall to be insufficient for their effort, it's up to me to shovel and insure that the ice doesn't keep us slipping and sliding all winter long.  For this snowfall, I shovelled three times:  once when I got back from walking the kids to school, once at noon when the sun was shining brightly and the snow was getting slushy, and once at the end of the afternoon to get rid of the last pieces of slush.  Sadly, we had to drive a bunch of times over the snow fall yesterday and this morning, so there are two compacted tire tracks of snow down the middle of the driveway.   Unless it warms up soon, they will still be there come March or April.

Activities are winding down for the Christmas holidays, so the children had a free afternoon to play in the snow.  While I shovelled, they built snowmen, throw snowballs at the icicles on the roof (and each other) and sledded in a neighbor's yard.  It was a great afternoon.

Henry, throwing a snowball in an attempt to dislodge an icicle.

Josie, posing with her mini snowman.

The girls hold hands with the newest member of our family.

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