Monday, December 20, 2010

Georgia's Gingerbread Apartment

Last week, Georgia brought home an announcement from her teacher which caused jealousy and heartache to erupt in our normally calm and happy household.  Instead of making the usual paper and glitter holiday crafts, Georgia's teacher decided to be unbelievably generous and allow the children to construct real, candy-covered gingerbread houses.  Each family was asked to bring in a milk carton, a box of graham crackers and a jar of ready-made frosting.  In addition, each child had to bring in one assigned item.  I assume that most people were told to bring a bag of candy because the quantity of candy in the classroom that day was staggering.  Georgia was asked to bring in two additional jars of frosting.  Later, Georgia and I decided that her teacher had made a mistake by not asking us to bring in candy, too.  We definitely would have brought it some spectacular candy, unlike many people who chose to bring in candy canes and peppermints.  Which is just shear lunacy as everyone knows that mint is not candy.

Parents were invited to join in the celebration and when I arrived, Georgia had already begun construction.

Looking at these photos, I have to giggle a little that Georgia was covering a lactose-free, organic milk carton.  We really are a nutty family.  But while it may have been lactose-free, at least it wasn't the sad heavy-cream-sized carton that the girl at the next table was decorating.  Georgia was pretty pleased with what she termed her "gingerbread apartment building."  Country mouse, Georgia is not.  She has no interest in decorating a cottage.

To insure that she got her fair share of the candy, Georgia employed a technique that has been perfected by generations of children in my family.  I like to call it by it's official ratio name:  Ten in the Mouth / One on the Gingerbread.  I couldn't have been more proud. 

Instead of painstakingly constructing a gingerbread house using actual gingerbread and buttercream frosting, the children used the milk carton and "glued" the graham crackers on using the jar frosting.  It took a while, but Georgia covered the entire carton with the graham crackers and once having put a few marshmallows into her mouth for good measure, she was ready to start with the decorating.

One marshmallow and chocolate chimney = ten marshmallows and twenty Hershey pieces into the mouth.  It's a hard ratio to remember, but Georgia is a whiz at math and for her, it was no problem at all.

A marshmallow snowman, a wall of chocolate bricks, some smarties and twizzlers....

Equals candy in the mouth!  Pop!


Pop! Pop! More Pop! 

The candy was just flying into her mouth!  

Completely stuffed, Georgia poses with her finished product:

Georgia got to bring home her gingerbread apartment building that afternoon and I let the kids eat it as an after-school snack. 

They were like vultures on the African Serengeti.  That candy house was picked dry faster than it took me to put down my purse and go through the pile of mail. 

Needless to say, Georgia LOVES her teacher this year.  And the other two kids think she's pretty special as well. 

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