Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Great Nutcracker Weekend

The Great Nutcracker Weekend of 2010 included the appearance of both sets of grandparents and Gordy's aunt and uncle.  Perhaps a better title for this post would be, "The Arrival of the Oldies."  To prepare for the onslaught of seniors, Josie and I used our Friday lunch hour wisely:  we cleaned.  To make the work go faster, we divided up the labor.  Josie chose The Magical Dusting Wand, so I got stuck with the vacuuming. 

I'm not a huge fan of cleaning, but it was a small price to pay to welcome our family to New England for a weekend visit. 

The first to arrive were Grandma & Grandpa and Lois & Harvey.  They arrived Friday night in time to say hello to the girls (fresh from the dress rehearsal) and for Lois and Harvey to give the children their Hanukkah presents. 

Josie was very pleased to receive a beautiful new outfit!

Gordy and I got a babysitter to watch the children so that we could go out to dinner with the early arrivals. 

Here is Gordy with his Uncle Harvey and his mom.

Here I am with Gordy's dad and Aunt Lois.  We had a great dinner and I got the opportunity to introduce Lois to my good friend, Mr. Pomegranate Martini. 

The next day, my parents (Granny & Grandfather) arrived with their Tibetan terrier, Nellie, a homemade chocolate cake and their coffee maker.  Have I ever mentioned that Gordy and I don't drink coffee?  Well, my Norwegian-American father DOES, so when visiting us, he brings his own.  We had lunch together before heading off to the ballet.  After the Nutcracker, Henry went off to a friend's birthday party, but the rest of us returned home for dinner. 

Here is a photo of exhausted Josie and her mother after the performance.  She still has red marks on her cheeks from the adhesive used to keep her felt dots in place.  This photo was taken just before I sent both her and Georgia upstairs to take long showers.  It was ridiculously hard to get all that hair spray out of their hair.

We had a great dinner.  We rarely have both families together and it was fun to catch up with everyone.

We sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa, Lois, Georgia and Harvey, all of whom celebrated birthdays this month.  Georgia used her best operatic voice:

Josie felt refreshed enough from her shower to fight off the Evil Succubus who made a rare appearance at the table.

The girls enjoyed having the attention of so many relatives.... that and a large slice of Granny's chocolate cake.

We were sorry that Henry missed out on the fun, but I doubt he was.  Apparently, to a ten year old, dinner with relatives is not as much fun as watching a PG-13 movie and eating s'mores!

We said good-bye to everyone after dinner.  My parents went back home and Grandma, Grandpa, Lois and Harvey left the next morning.  The Great Nutcracker Weekend had come to an end... until next year.

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