Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry Potter & The Lego Contest

Henry has entered a lego building contest with a Harry Potter theme.  The idea is to build something from the Harry Potter series, using legos that you have around your house.  And for those of you who still don't understand the contest..... you are not allowed to buy and build one of the already-designed Harry Potter Lego kits.  You have to design and build your OWN.

Henry created a pair of Harry Potter glasses.

In addition to photos, you have to write a short essay describing your creation.  This is what Henry wrote:

"I built Harry Potter’s glasses using parts from my extensive lego collection.  I used straight, flexible bars for the eye pieces and a hinge for the nose piece.  To build the ear pieces, I took a long 16x1 piece and a shorter 4x2 piece and put them together, before I connected the whole thing to the rings.  Building the glasses did not take me very long, but finding all the pieces in my lego bin sure did!  I love Harry Potter.  I finished all seven books over the summer.   I really enjoyed working on this project and entering the contest.  I hope I win!"

I might be biased, but I think the whole thing is adorable.  The glasses are hilarious and I really enjoyed the design summary included in his essay.  The top 40 enteries get Harry Potter Lego sets and the top 4 go to Los Angeles for some additional competetion / awards ceremony.  To quote the great Henry "I hope [he] wins!"

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