Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Home Christmas

Before we left to go to Southern Sister's house and our actual Christmas celebration, we opened presents from Gordy's relatives.  We had an early Home Christmas. 

Josie had the biggest present which was so large, it had to be "wrapped" in a blanket.

Because the suspense was killing her, Josie went first.

A new refrigerator for her play kitchen!  Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa!  (as a sidenote, we put the frig in her room with the matching oven and sink and now her room looks like a studio apartment.  Gordy says it reminds him of his first apartment on the Upper West Side in New York except Josie's studio is larger and there aren't any cockroaches.  We hope.)

Next, it was Georgia's turn to open a present.

And then Henry's turn.

Gordy and I didn't miss out on the fun, either.

Gordy and I exchanged our gifts this morning, as well.  Along with a perfectly wonderful pair of Ugg Slippers which he obviously hated, I gave Gordy something that he actually really loved:

A Mark Messier / New York Rangers Jersey!   Now Gordy will be appropriately attired if he finds himself in Madison Square Garden. 

For me?  Thank you, Henry! 

Josie started the fun and ended the fun.  She opened her last gift from the grandparents and found the pram she has been hoping for all year.  Once the snow melts (sometime in April, hopefully), you will be able to reach Josie and her dolls by mobile only.

Happy Home Christmas, everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Southern Sister? Hee hee. But don't make me Cheesesteak Sister.

I'm warning you.

Martha said...

Hee hee! Cheesecake sister! That's a good one. What should you be? Betsy Ross Sister? Brotherly Love Sister? Maybe I could imitate Juno and call you Liberty Bell. The possibilities are endless!

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