Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tree

The Tree!  The Glorious Tree!  Behold it's wondrous size and full plumage! 

We are ever so proud of our grown-up sized tree - our first real large one.  The Trees of Elliot Past have been small, thin and sparse - what I like to refer to as "Charlie Brown Trees" but what most people refer to as "rejects." 

Case in Point:  The Tree of 2008:

 The Tree of Ought Nine:

I'm a real sucker for a sad-looking tree.  I hate to think of any tree being left on the lot, waiting as family after family passed it by, hoping that someone would save it from the mulcher and allow it to fulfill its Christmas destiny. 

As you can see, I have a real problem with anthropomorphizing.

But this year, we decided to out-do ourselves.  This year, we walked past the apartment-sized trees and strolled straight up to the house-sized models.  New house = more space = bigger tree. 

Bigger tree, sadly, also equals more ornaments.  Josie and I unpacked our ornament collection together while Henry and Gordy were at a hockey game and Georgia was at a birthday party.  As we spread our ornament offering out on the coffee table, it became woefully obvious that our collection was not going to cover the whole tree. 

As we gazed at our meager tree-decorating options, Josie and I realized that something had to be done.

We did what every other American with suburban options would do:  we went to Target and quickly! 


Many of the above ornaments were acquired slowly and lovingly over the years..... and some were bought in a veritable buying-frenzy today. 

This ornament is yet another from my grandmother Ruth's collection.  I bought this glittered ball from A&S department store in Short Hills, New Jersey sometime in the early 1980's as a Christmas gift to my Gramma.  I remember finding it in the store, I remember buying it and I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful ornament in the world.  I still think it's wonderful. 

After returning from the hockey game (Henry's team won, in case you are wondering), Gordy hung the lights.

Hanging the lights takes awhile, so Georgia used the time wisely by working on her birthday Thank You Notes.  If she owes you one, be patient, it is not easy to write proper thank yous when you are eight.

At last it was time to begin!

I put the angel on the top.  She is another one of my Grandmother's ornaments.  Dad or Elsie can correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is a homemade ornament, too.  It is a pink fairy-like angel and I have always loved her.

The obligatory pose by the finished tree:

Decorating such a vast tree is exhausting.  When the table top was cleared, we found a sleeping pixie hidden underneath the table:

After the children had gone downstairs to play, I noticed a general theme on our tree.  Most of the ornaments were hung at five-year-old eye level and most were placed in artistic groupings.  Perhaps "clumps" is a better word.

I particularly liked this grouping - three ornaments hung on the same branch.

I had to post a picture of one of the new Target ornaments.  Just look at those lips!

I enjoy that fish and her trout pout, but the best ornaments are two that Henry and Josie made in nursery school.  Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a glaring four year old:

Or her tense brother:

Perhaps they had been trying to tell their teacher that their mother doesn't really like decorating for the holidays and besides, our family tree is too small for art projects!

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elisabethellington said...

I myself love a Charlie Brown Xmas tree. This year, I was such a Scrooge that we didn't have a tree at all. I just kept thinking of the mess. Is it a sign that I'm getting old that I now really want a fake tree?

Your tree this year looks very beautiful!

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