Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve Part Three - The Presents

At last we arrive at the part the children always enjoy the most:  the opening of the presents.  To prolong their agony, we open one present at a time and ooh and aah over every last pair of gardening shears and every flannel nightgown.  We do this because we are the adults now and we can. 

First up:  Elsie and her new pair of Pink Glubs.  Poor Avery.  I've mention before here how Avery once almost keeled over with happiness after receiving her own pair of Pink Glubs when she was two or three.  But that was ten years ago and we STILL haven't let the joke die.  I know how she feels because I once dropped not one, but two plates of gingerbread and whip cream on the floor while helping my mother serve dessert as a child, and my sisters never miss an opportunity to remind me to be careful when handing me things to disperse.  It is all very vexing indeed. 

Gordy and I gave the kids Sing-a-ma-jigs in various colors and octaves.  It is important to give one loud, obnoxious toy per child each year.  It keeps the adults on their toes.

I got a new troll for my collection.

And a wonderful hippo hat to keep my head warm during the harsh New England winter.

Elsie made Georgia and Josie flannel nighties which they put on immediately.

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve, but ..... hee hee.  I'm out of excuses.  In fact, I'm planning to write the next entry right now, I'm just not going to post it today.  A little suspense never hurt you.  Relax and check back in tomorrow.

2 comments: said...

Hello Martha,
Please post soon, you left me hanging.
How nice that I was able to follow Elizabeth on her Christmas vaction down south. Everyone looks great!

Martha said...

Hello Megan! So great to hear from you -- I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I will post the next installment now! Thanks for reading my blog!

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