Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve Part Two - The Meal

With pictures finally over, it was time to get down to business.  Yes, it was time to pass the martinis and take that baked brie out of the oven.  Meredith served sparkling cider to the children and a wonderful berry/vodka/champagne beverage to the adults.  We all gladly partook:

Even Gordy, who is not usually a martini kind of man.  

Southern Cousins gave Henry, Georgia and Josie enormous straws with which to sip their sparkling cidar.  You can imagine how much they liked those straws.  The cocktail hour was delicious, the drink was a huge hit and we then we sat down to a wonderful dinner.

We ate it.

And then came dessert!

Elizabeth and Elsie had made a special Norwegian treat - Kransikage, which is a Norwegian wedding cake.  Many of you will recognize it from our wedding back in 1998.  Our wedding cake was made by a bakery in Iowa and FedEx'ed across the country to our reception site.  Once it arrived, Elsie assembled the layers and added the frosting and the flags.  This time, Elsie brought her own Kransikage pans and she and Elizabeth made the entire thing from scratch.  It was absolutely delicious and looked as impressive as it tasted.  Behold:

In addition to Kransikage, we also passed out the traditional plates of cookies.

Here is Josie with two of her favorite Norwegian treats:  Sankage and Krumkage.

By this time, the sugar was really running rampant through our systems and we started getting giddy.  Who knew that Norwegian flags make such perfect accessories?

Dinner was fun, dessert was even better and now it was time to get down to business and open those presents.  But again, you will have to wait, there is snow to shovel and a pathway to create for the mailman.  sigh. 

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