Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

It is hard to bring together a family of teenagers and a family of elementary school-aged children for Christmas.  Not because they don't get along - because they do.  And not because they don't have anything in common - because they do.  No, it is hard to bring together teenagers and younger children on Christmas for one reason:  teenagers do not get up early and younger children can not get up early enough.  Needless to say, Henry, Georgia and Josie opened their stockings and gifts from Santa by themselves with only their parents present to ooh and aah.

This year, Santa gave each child their very own digital camera.

Josie's was pink.

Henry's was silver and Georgia's was green.  It was very considerate of Santa to give them different colored cameras so that we do not ruin our chances of his coming next year due to crazed bickering over who touched whose camera.

We waited for awhile for the rest of the family to get up.  We may have talked in loud voices and used our heaviest step while walking around in order to speed up this process.  We aren't telling.

Gordy played Santa for our Christmas morning present extravaganza.  He did a very good job. 

After every last present had been opened and inspected, it was time to eat.  Traditionally, this is the moment when we bring out another few platters of cookies and stuff ourselves silly with sugary goodness and coffee. 

To make it look healthier, we throw in a little Yulekage for good measure.  After all, Yulekage has raisins in it and raisins are a fruit.

Over the years and with the addition of two non-Norwegian sons-in-law, we have adapted the meal to include an egg dish which we cut into small pieces and merely sample.  I'm happy to report that while Gordy thinks this addition is wonderful, our children agree that it is a waste of time. 

I mean, what doesn't say breakfast about this?

After eating, we got down to business and tried out the gifts.  There was a lot of picture taking:

And mustache-wearing:

And attitude-ing

We assembled:

We learned to needlepoint:

And we built:

And then we took some more pictures:

Christmas day included a dinner as well.

And then a bowl of risengryns grot (with a missing slash through the o).  This is a Norwegian rice pudding made with lots of heavy cream and covered in raspberries and sauce. 

I am not a fan, but I ate my share of cookies when the plate made it's way past me.

It was a wonderful Christmas.  We are all 10 pounds heavier, but who really cares.  It was time to pack up the presents and mail them back up to New England.  We made one last stop at a fantastic waterpark / theme hotel before heading home to a blizzard.  Stay tuned!


megan.love said...

Worth the wait.

Martha said...

Thank you! Hopefully you did not find too many spelling errors, I did not bother to proofread!

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