Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gordy's New Office

Gordy's company has recently moved offices.  He and I took the girls into the city on Sunday so that they would be able to picture where Daddy goes each day.

The lobby has this gorgeous atrium space complete with two water features.

The water is actually pouring down thin, clear wires from the ceiling.

Although the high-speed elevators with their television monitors and the intricate security system were interesting, the girls were mainly impressed by the large selection of candy in the kitchen vending machines.

Personally, I was impressed by the kitchen in general.  I mean, look at this place...

Next we went to Gordy's actual office and spent many minutes mesmorized by his stunning view.

The left side view was the hardest to get a photo of, but it was amazing.  You can see for miles.

Views don't impress children for very long, so Georgia and Josie were happy to find some toys to play with and a dry-erase board to use.

Next, we checked out the public spaces including the meeting room...

And some of the conference rooms on the top floor.  Isn't the view breathtaking?

The new offices are beautiful.  The insides are so light and airy and whoever chose the decorations and the color scheme did a wonderful job.  The last office I worked in, was decorated in very manly 1990's colors:  dark wood, dark greens and dark maroons.  "Dark" really described the place perfectly - although the words "dismal" and "depressing" work just as well.  I'm glad Gordy gets to enjoy a much lighter, sunnier place. 

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