Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Outdoors

I am not a huge fan of winter.  Snow is pretty, but it can be an enormous pain if you are trying to drive carpools or get groceries.  Cold weather is upsetting and ice combined with my swirly/hilly driveway makes for a frightening situation.  I prefer summer.  Summer is a much easier time.  One doesn't have to shovel, salt or scrape.  One doesn't have to clomp around in boots and puffy coats or spend hours searching for lost mittens. 

But throughout my tenure here, I've learned that winter in New England does come with benefits.  Native New Englanders (a group that does not include me) are a hearty bunch and they don't let things like cold air and snow get in their way of being outdoors and having a little fun.  Skiing is, obviously, very popular and so is my favorite winter activity, skating.  Many of our friends and neighbors have built outdoor skating rinks in their yards to insure that their children get fresh air and exercise.  And, much to our delight, we have been fortunate enough to receive invitations to skate too.  There is nothing more fun that skating outside in the fresh air.  There is something about the combination of cold air, sunshine and skating that makes you forget about dreary, snowy, winter -- at least for a little while.

One of Henry's good friends has an enormous backyard rink and if the conditions are right, you can often find Henry and three other boys playing a pick-up game of al fresco hockey.  I went along with him the other day to take photos and to embarrass him in front of his friends.  I am very kind that way.

We have another snow day today -- our third this winter.  The poor Children Elliot are going to be making up snow days until July, the way this year is going.  Today's storm added another 10 inches of snow to our already 3 foot high piles.  We will have a leisurely morning before going out and attempting to find the driveway and the path to our front door.  The weather reporters are predicting more snow tomorrow, Saturday and Tuesday.  And I am counting the days until summer. 

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I like the blue format--is it from the same place as the red? The font is bigger.

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