Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Before we left Southern Sister and returned to the bitter cold of New England (and a blizzard - more on this later!), we spent a night at The Great Wolf Lodge - a waterpark and theme hotel about a half-hour away from Meredith's house. The children were thrilled to try out every water slide and to spend the night in a room built to look like a log cabin and I was thrilled about the prospect of hanging out in a pool area that is heated to a perfect 84 degrees.

We arrived after lunch and checked into our room.

The hotel lobby was decorated for Christmas and it included more than a few animated critters that moved and made noises periodically.

We booked a Kids Cabin Suite which included.... wouldn't you know it.... a wooden cabin. Right there! In the room! Inside was a bunk bed and a "day" bed plus a flat-screen television just for the kids.

Henry chose the bottom bunk.

Georgia took the day bed

And Josie happily climbed up to the top bunk.

After trying all the channels and changing into bathing suits, we hit the water park.

We were there for four hours so, obviously, it was a lot of fun. My favorite was the wave pool, but I think the kids would all agree that the slides were the best. Meredith, John and Gordy tried all the slides multiple times, but I wasn't feeling brave enough. I became the designated "catcher" at the bottom for the under six set and the official "waving parent" for the rest of the kids. I'm not sure if I would agree about the 84 degree temperature, though. It was pretty cold in that waterpark. Especially once your bathing suit got wet. Maybe it's better in the summer with the hot sun coming through the windows.

After changing back into dry clothes, we went to the arcade. The Children Elliot decided to pool together all tickets earned to buy a family toy at the end and that planned worked out wonderfully. We had enough tickets to buy a stuffed Domo doll, seven bouncy balls, six pencils and two rings.

Gordy taught Georgia the art of Whack a Mole:

And he gave help to Josie on the Wheel of Fortune Game:

Not that she needed any help, though. She won some amazing "bonus" prize and got 64 tickets at one game.

After the arcade, we went to dinner at the hotel resturant (which had a wolf-themed name which I don't remember). The restuarant reminded us of a Rainforest Cafe. There were fake trees, animated critters and the server gave all the children wolf ears to wear.

After dinner, we went to the lobby for Storytime. We were very excited about Storytime because it said on the brochure that it was sponsored by Nestle Toll House Cookies and we figured that we would all be getting hot chocolate chip cookies to munch on while listening to a wolf read us a story.

Alas. The wolf part was true but the cookies were a sad misunderstanding. Bubbles did fall from the ceiling, a moose did sing a song and there were two creepy animated "people" hiding in the clock tower, but none of this mattered without the gooey goodness of a toll house cookie. Shame on you, Nestle!

After the story, and with empty bellies, we greeted the Wolf.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Great Wolf Lodge and its fabulous water park. It was time to say good bye to Southern America and its warm hospitality. It was time to say good bye to our extended family. We were headed North into a blizzard and we had no idea if we would make it home.......

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