Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Incident

The other day at kindergarten pick-up, Josie's teacher whispered "I have to talk to you.  There was An Incident."  Uh oh.  An Incident - the worst kind of teacher conference.  Once in second grade, Henry was involved in An Incident and he had to write a letter to Gordy and I explaining that he would refrain from "calling Julietta a butt" in the future.  Except he spelled it "a but," which made it difficult to give the situation its proper gravity.

I hoped that Josie was Julietta and not Henry, in this Incident. 

Once all the other children had left the pick-up area, the teacher explained that a little boy had been horsing around during snack time and Josie was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of some flying yogurt.  The teacher explained that Josie had been very brave but frightened and that she, the teacher, had cleaned up the yogurt that landed on Josie's face, although she hadn't been able to do much about the yogurt that found its way to Josie's hair. 

Josie listened to the entire recounting of the story without showing any signs of distress or discomfort, so I thanked the teacher and we made our way to the car.  "What happened?"  I asked, eager to hear Josie's side of the story.  She told me that Charlie had been "acting naughty" and had slapped his Pro-bug yogurt with his hand and its contents squirted out all over her.  "Like a karate chop?"  I asked, not meaning to be funny.  At this, Josie laughed uproariously for over a minute.  Apparently, she liked this analogy.  "What did you do?"  I asked. 

And this is the best part.  According to Josie, after the yogurt hit her face and dripped all over her hair, she turned to her friend, Kennedy and said, "I did NOT see THAT coming!"

Hee hee.  That is so Josie.  She is very funny but very deadpan.  And she likes a good joke on her.  Josie had me retell the story over and over again all day.  We called Gordy at work to tell him, we told the mothers at tennis lessons and we told Henry and Georgia after we picked them up from school.  Most of the children's favorite part was the phrase "karate chop."  Don't ask me why.

My favorite part was Georgia's reaction.  After school, she climbed into the car, threw her backpack into the truck with gusto and declared, "I HATE Mondays!"  We instantly told her the story of The Incident hoping it would cheer her up but alas.  She paused for a beat and then said "Well.  Even though.  I STILL hate Mondays."

The next day, Josie had a card in her backpack.  It is standard practice in our town for the children to have to write apology notes as a punishment and it was Charlie's turn to give it a try.

Very well written, Charlie.  And don't worry about it - Josie didn't really mind!


Elizabeth said...

That's hilarious! I like Charlie's note very much.

And I admit: sometimes I call Julietta a butt too.

Martha said...

EVERYONE calls Julietta a butt from time to time... so in a way calling her a but is almost original and should be praised not criticized.

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