Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Josie and I have started a new tradition at lunchtime.  On days when she doesn't have an activity in the afternoon, we play board games together over lunch.  Josie's favorite game is Memory and she is way too good at it.  I NEVER win Memory when I play with Josie. 

Today, I did better than usual, though.  I started off the game with the first four matches. 

And then Josie got three.

And then Josie got three more.... and so on and so on....

I did get the prized turtle match, but that didn't help ease the pain of yet another loss.

Here is Josie counting up all her matches at the end of the game.  She had 15.  We've both been enjoying our new routine.  It helps to prolong lunch time and during the course of the game, I can usually get Josie to tell me about Kindergarten and the many things she does at school during the day.  I'm really going to miss her next year when she's in full-day school!

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