Friday, January 14, 2011

The Snowday

How did we spend our snow day?  Quite peacefully, as surprising as that may sound.

We started off the day doing homework and working on school projects.  Josie's teacher has just begun to send home packets of papers that the full-day students work on in the afternoons, so I had her complete those.  Georgia gets her week's worth of homework on Monday, so she worked her way through her remaining assignments. 

Henry worked on his Revolutionary War shadow box for Social Studies class.  He is researching Paul Revere's ride.  I'll be sure to show you the finished product next week.  He's doing a great job.

After getting his fill of cutting and pasting, Henry moved on to the computer and wrote the essay for his Greek Myth Book Genre project. 

... while the girls made cards for Grandma's birthday.

Look away, Grandma!  Avert your eyes!

Didn't they turn out nicely?

Next, I took a few minutes to check emails and the kids went upstairs to play.  In a few moments, the ceiling began to shake and a rhythmatic booming let me know that they were playing this fabulous game:

It's called Super Skipper and Josie got it for Christmas.  All three kids love it, though.  I highly recommend it for all children who are active, love to jump and don't mind a little repetitive music.

Look at Henry!  That's some high jumping!

After exercising, the children needed a little down time.  Henry went off to build with his legos and Georgia and Josie got out the parcheesi.

I got out the mixer and made some cookies.

At last, it was time to go out into the wilderness and admire the snow.  The girls and I had actually gone out earlier and had been left relatively unimpressed by the snows heavy weight and general wetness.  But two feet of snow is just plain irresistible. 

We did a little shovelling...

made a few snow angels...

and tried to release some of the heavy snow from the tree branches. 

It was a fun day, but I was exhausted that night.  I certainly am not cut out for home-schooling.  I was pretty sad the next morning at 5:30am when I got the call saying there was a delayed opening of two hours so that the town could dig out the schools, but such is life in New England.  They are predicting another storm next week.  I'm hoping they are wrong.

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