Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Weekend Away

The children and I went to visit Granny and Grandfather over the weekend.  We came prepared with snow pants, boots and multiple pairs of mittens because we planned to spend the entire weekend outdoors enjoying G&G's fabulous property and it's wonderful sledding hills.

We drove up on Saturday morning and by noon, we were doing this:

The sledding was fantastic - even Granny got involved:

On our trip back up the hill, we were guided by Granny's Sherpa, Nellie:

Sadly, the Sherpa grew tired of guiding spoiled Americans up the same hill, over and over again, and she gave up, leaving us to survive the elements on our own.

We decided to walk the snow-shoe path around the property and Henry put on Granny's snow shoes for the first time.  Let's just ignore the fact that my ten year old now wears the same shoe size as me.  It's a fact that I'd rather not think about.

Snows-shoeing is hard work and Henry took a break by lying down in the snow.

We were all tired from the long hike, so we went inside to play a game of tug-a-toy with Nellie:

And work on some art projects...

And play Moose in the House with Granny and Grandfather.

Georgia and Josie got out Granny's box of dress-up jewelry...

And Josie did her best imitation of the Queen Mum:

The next day, our sled tracks were covered in a thin layer of new snow and this made them even more slippery and amazing.

Even Nellie Sherpa was covered with the newly fallen snow:

Again, Nellie Sherpa gave up on us and went inside to be warm:

Later in the afternoon, we visited the local lighthouse to see what it looked like in the winter time. 

Henry was pleased to find some ice in the lighthouse's parking lot and he practiced his skating and posed as a goalie for some pictures:

The sun was out (even though it was frigid ) and the ocean was calm and beautiful.  It made me miss summer.

While climbing on the rocks, Henry thought he saw some small fish swimming under the ice and for awhile we were convinced that he was right.  But it ended up just being a combination of air bubbles and melting water.

In the winter, Granny and Grandfather often take their exercise walks on the many snowmobile trails that wind their way through the woods.  We thought it would be fun to take the kids on such a walk to look for forest wildlife and to admire the gorgeous winter scenery.  We parked our car at an ice-cream establishment which like many businesses in G&G's town, is closed for the winter.  The children were undeterred by the CLOSED signs and scrambled over the snowbank to bang on the window and demand service.

The snowmobile trails are gorgeous. 

Georgia loves a long walk and she, Granny and I would have happily walked the entire trail....

Alas, two of our companions were not so enthusiastic.  Josie, in particular, is not terrible fond of walking.

Henry would have been complaining just as much as Josie, except for the thrill of impending snowmobiles and the need for all walkers to leap off the path and into the snow drifts.

Henry practiced his leap until it was perfected:

Luckily for us, the snowmobiles only went by one time.  This was lucky because they emit the most foul stench as they go by, thus changing the serene beauty of the forest into a smelly, loud highway.

Here we are, gasping for clean breath after two snowmobiles zoomed past us:

The next morning, we had to leave Granny & Grandfather's house and drive back to our own home.  Before we left, I took this picture from my bedroom window.  It didn't turn out perfectly, but you can see the myriad pathways and boot prints that serve as evidence of our Weekend of Outdoor Fun.

It is snowing again at our house, today.  We walked to school as the snowflakes fell around us.  I'm glad that we got to play over the weekend as I think we'll be house-bound for the next few days. 


elisabethellington said...

Ah, New England. Ah, trees. How I miss them!

Really enjoying your blog, Martha!

Martha said...

Thank you! NE is very beautiful, although I perfer it in a summertime green rather than a winter white. We drove by the Spaulding Parkway (or whatever that exit was to get to Elizabeth's apartment) and I had an urge to turn off and go to that fabulous bakery for a cake. My thighs thought it was a great idea but my brain disagreed.

Martha said...

Oh! Do you mean to tell me that Almanzo's tree claim didn't take!! After all that hard work? I won't tell Georgia - she'll be devastated.

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