Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Never Know What You Will Find...

Josie has a rich imagination and lofty goals.  She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, but sometimes she changes her mind and wants to be a veterinarian.  Either occupation is fine with us.  Josie's love of all things medical influences most of her daily choices.  She always picks books on doctors, nurses or physical ailments when at the library with her class;  she loves all doctor-related dress up clothes and accessories;  most of her made-up play involves trips to the doctor or the emergency room... you get the picture. 

The other day, I took all three children to the dentist for their general cleanings.  Our dentist has a barney-type stuffed animal with enormous dentures and a strangely large toothbrush on which the children can practice their brushing skills, and Josie was particularly enamored with the toy.  She spent all of Henry's and most of Georgia's turn, brushing barney's teeth and examining his mouth for any problems.  I wondered if she was mentally adding "dentist" to her list of acceptable occupations.

She did.  The next day, I went into her room to put away some laundry and I found this:

A pile of animals, under anesthesia, awaiting their turn for dental cleanings with the vet. 

Where was the vet, you ask?  In her surgery closet with a patient:

Note the seriousness of the situation.  The hippo is out cold while the dental vet (wearing full scrubs) examines her patient's teeth on the clothes line -- I mean the operating table!

And please note, the sterility of the operating theater!  She CLEANED up before starting the procedure!  Her closet has never been so tidy. 

How lucky are we to have a medical professional in the family!

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