Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bowling (The Children's Version)

Our children are not all that thrilled when Gordy and I go out to dinner together.  They never quite understand why we would even WANT to eat without them - especially at a restaurant.  And when they found out that we went bowling last Saturday, while they were home with a babysitter, there was general displeasure all around.

Since it's been school vacation week, the solution was pretty easy.  Although, I wasn't about to shell out the big bucks to go to the fancy restaurant / alley that Gordy and I went to, I was happy to bring them to the local bowl o' drome where they could bowl for about 1/16th cost.  Our local bowling alley has a very 1970's vibe.  And smell.  Ambiance is not really abundant and I'm not sure I'd want to be there after 4:30 in the afternoon.  However it has tiny little balls, candlestick pins and a wonderful invention called a "bumper" to insure that even the worse player has a shot of knocking over something. 

We rented a lane for an hour and got started right away.  Georgia played a superb game.  She has a strange throw -- the ball gets more than a little air and sometimes even includes a little bounce, but it gets the job done.

Josie has an even stranger "throw."  She goes underhand and starts in a very grande-plie position. Her balls travel very slowly and sadly, have very little impact.

This is bad enough.  But imagine the further humiliation of feet so small that you are forced to wear VELCRO bowling shoes!  It was almost more than she could bear. 

Henry has a more orthodox throw, but this day he seemed to have some magnetic attraction to the two side pins and nothing else.

Josie was a good sport about always coming in last.  Especially after I started allowing her to take my turns for me to even up the score.

On the few occasions that I did bowl for myself, I managed to improve my score from my dismal performance Saturday night.

Of course, no one but my children was around to witness my two strikes!

Josie got a last turn in right before the timer ran out on our lane.  It was a fun afternoon. 

While the children were in good moods, I sped off to the mall to return some clothes.  I figured I had about a 30-minute window to get errands done before the complaining and whining returned.  After those errands were finished, we stopped by the food court for cupcakes with ice cream injected into their center.  These are a new offering in the food court and judging from the line that stretched way past the booth, they are very popular.  I wasn't able to try one myself, but the Children Elliot all gave them raving reviews.

All except Henry, who was annoyed that the ice cream injecting devises can't be cleaned between applications and therefore couldn't be guaranteed to be peanut-free.  He had to eat his cupcake dry and even then I had my hand on the epipen the whole time. 

It was a pleasant afternoon and it made me miss the freedom of summer even more than usual.  On the agenda for the next day was an early morning hockey game for a little sport and then a trip to the MFA for a little culture....

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