Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last Saturday night, Janet, Kevin, Gordy and I went to a restaurant about 30 minutes from our town where you can eat dinner and then bowl.  It was a change from the usual and it was a ton of fun.

I got to go first and my first ball was a huge success - a strike!

I'm glad I got the following picture of the score board, because it was the only time during the two games when I was winning.

Gordy and Janet both played well, but it was Kevin who ruled the lanes.  He really could do no wrong.  He is a professional athlete after all - although certainly not in bowling - so one would think that he would be good in almost all sporting events.  He claims he is usually terrible at bowling, but does a terrible bowler get a 174?

I got way too many gutter balls.  I'd like to blame them on the random selection of bowling balls that were all too heavy for me to lift and throw, but really the problem was just poor aim (and zero talent).

We've heard a rumor that the owner's of this restaurant/bowling alley are building a new branch close to our house and I'll be excited if they do.  Obviously, I need to work on my bowling skills!

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