Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gordon's Salon and Hair-Styling Studio

You would think that because he has two daughters, Gordy would have years of experience styling girls' hair.  But you would be wrong.  Gordy has always left the pony-tailing and the braiding up to me and when caught by himself for a weekend, he usually allows the girls to run around untamed, uncombed and frankly, unattractive.  Things are about to change.

In a matter of days, I will be taking Henry to an overnight hockey tournament and Gordy will be staying home with the girls.  The reason that Gordy is not taking Henry himself is that the same night that Henry and I will be munching on room-service and checking for bedbugs in the hotel, Gordy, Josie and Georgia will be boogying their hearts out at our town's annual Daddy / Daughter Dance. 

Gordy will be feeding the girls (no problem), helping them to put on their fancy dresses (no problem) and making sure that their hair is presentable (serious problem bordering on the catastrophic).

I do not want to see photos of my girls wearing their Christmas dresses and party shoes along with hair styles that look like they got their fingers stuck in an electrical outlet. 

To prevent my children looking like Frankenstein's flower girls, for the past few days, I've been conducting hair-styling classes for Gordy.  Saturday was his first practical lesson -- we called it Hairstyling 101:  Giving Georgia Ponytails Before Soccer Practice:

Uneven, but not bad for a first attempt.

On Monday, Georgia's scalp had stopped hurting enough that she felt ready to allow him to try again.  This time, we chose the less complex Side Ponies.  Gordy began by combing out Georgia's hair.

Then he parted her hair, which looked more like stabbing her head with a comb than it did separating her hair into two sections.

And then he began to create the pony tail using an elastic band.

This obviously hurt a lot.

The end results were perhaps higher ponies than Georgia prefers (the higher the pony, the younger the child), but at least they were even and relatively smooth. 

Next it was Josie's turn.

The combing did not go as smoothly with Josie.

There were tears and we almost gave up ...

But Josie was brave and soon she had her own set of bouncy pony tails.

We still have to attempt the more difficult Braids and Barrettes, but at least he has mastered a few skills.  If nothing else, he can now comb and that is a huge victory.  Trust me.


Elizabeth said...

That's a good start and all, but soon I expect to see cornrows! French braids! Twisted chignons! I know soon Gordy will tap into his inner over-achiever. :)

As long as he doesn't venture into the home perm.

Aaron said...

I, for one, am impressed. I have mastered ONLY the single ponytail in the back. And I ain't trying for anything else. Half ponies, side ponies, pigtails, braids and whatever else they come up with is out of my league.

Martha said...

Since when is Gordy's over-achiever an "inner" Mercy!

Aaron, you should be proud of your back pony. Especially if it's just a skill you acquired on your own without having a semi-formal dance and an absent wife hanging over your head! Pat yourself on the back. -Martha

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