Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mini-Break

Today we found ourselves in the unusual position of having no morning sporting events.  Winter break from school has started and most of the children's activities have slowed down to accommodate all those lucky families who are taking fun trips to warm destinations.  At least that's what we grumble when we see snow falling outside our windows and we want to further depress ourselves. 

Faced with a morning listening to bored, unoccupied children, Gordy and I decided to take action and plan a mini-break, however small.  We decided to fight the winter blues by heading to the hotel where Grandma and Grandpa usually stay when they come to visit and go for a swim in its beautiful atrium pool. 

The pool area was heated to a wonderful 84 degrees and the sun was streaming through the atrium ceiling.

If it wasn't for the drifts of snow outside the windows, we would have forgotten all about the cold.  We wasted little time getting into the pool.

This hotel pool is such a hidden gem.  It's cleaned by salt (and other things I don't remember), so there's no chlorine smell and the hotel designer put lots of green plants and palm trees around so you feel like you are someplace tropical.

The pool itself is not particularly large, but it's also not particularly crowded so no one seems to mind.

After having my fill of swimming, I grabbed my book and towel and moved over to a sunny spot in the corner.  The sun was literally beaming down on me, so much so that I started getting hot.

It was absolutely wonderful.

Josie, who never misses an opportunity to lounge, joined me and took this picture.  (The official reason for b/w-ing it is that it makes the picture artistic and shows off my shadow thus giving you all a sense of the intense sunlight by the pool.  The real reason is that I was make-up free and looking very wrinkly and old in the color version.)

I took a picture of Josie lounging, too.  Josie's picture is in color because she never looks old and wrinkly.  Perhaps when she's six.

Gordy eventually joined me in the sun and Josie went back to swim with Henry and Georgia.  Gordy was equally amazed at how much like being outside, this indoor pool was.  He immediately feel asleep in the sun and got a well-deserved nap and vitamin-D dose at the same time.

After we had our fill of swimming, we reluctantly got back into our winter clothes and went to the hotel restaurant for lunch.  You will notice that we are all wearing our down coats because the rest of the hotel is not heated to a perfect 84 degrees and it was very, very cold when you have wet hair.

It wasn't a trip to Florida or some light-blue colored Caribbean island, but it was a perfect mini-break nonetheless. 

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