Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pond Hockey (You Were Warned)

On Sunday, we gave into Josie's whines that she NEVER GETS TO SKATE, and we went to the local pond to skate and play some ice hockey.  You were thinking the same thing, weren't you?  Those poor children.  When will Martha ever let them go outside and skate?  Yes - ha ha - I speak sarcasm too.  In addition to our various layers of warm clothing and skating paraphenalia, we came armed with shovels as it has been known to snow on ponds just as much as it snows on sidewalks and yards, and if you want to skate on the actual ice, the snow has to be removed. 

We were lucky this time around.  Someone had obviously been skating at the pond the day before and had carved out a small 10x12 foot "rink" from the snow.  We decided to enlarge this to the best of our ability - which is no small feat when you are a stupid like I am and are wearing skates at the same time - and to create a round area for Josie and I to practice our loops while Henry, Georgia and Gordy played hockey. 

We ended up making a shovel-width path from the rectangular rink to a small circle perfect for avoiding a heavy puck to one's face.

Josie and I twirled and figure-8ed.

Everyone else got down to business.

It was a fierce hockey game.  Georgia's competitive spirt even over-ruled her hatred of all things hockey and all things pink.  She found herself not only PLAYING HOCKEY WITH HENRY - something she tries to avoid doing at all costs since it makes Henry happy - but she also got so hot she was forced to remove her dark jacket to reveal a ghastly / girlie pink sweatshirt underneath. 

We should all take a moment to realize that neither thing killed her.

Josie got over-heated as well, and removed her parka to show off her skating "outfit."  With that Norwegian Flag on her chest, doesn't she look like a young Sonja Henning?

The sun came out for a few minutes at the end of our skating session.  It was a fun day and we got some good exercise and fresh air. 

But I'm still ready for summer.


Elizabeth said...

A Sonja Henie combined with silence of the lambs maybe!! I don't think figure skaters usually wear hockey goalie masks, do they? :)

Martha said...

Don't they? Hmmm. Perhaps it would be smart to keep that fact away from Josie.

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