Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Sunshine During a Cloudy Week

Just in case you are getting the impression that nothing good has happened to us since 2011 began, I present to you....  The Champions!

Henry's Squirt A team won the District 9 Championship!  It was a very exciting game and very well played.  Apparently, Gordy is unimpressed by my sports writing, and he has offered to Guest Write a post on the series for all of you who would like more details (Gordy's parents).  That post will come later, until then I say, good job, guys!

And that is not the only good news I have to report.  On Friday, we welcomed home a newly refurbished Ivan!  We were very, very happy to have him home.  Olive was a good rental car, but three children barely fit inside of her and she didn't inspire much confidence in her ice/snow driving skills.

Doesn't Ivan look beautiful?  The body shop did a wonderful job.  We are still dealing with the insurance companies, both our own and that of the snow plow that hit me.  It seems like the second you work something out with one agent and hang up the phone, another problem arises and more telephone calls have to be made.  The whole process has been such a hassle but we're thankful it's almost over now. 

We've been equally thankful for the outpouring of kindness from our friends and neighbors.  After the water finished flooding into our house, our dear, dear friend Kathy brought over dinner thus saving us from a night of cooking in the darkness. 

Doesn't this look amazing?  In true Kathy fashion, she thought of everything we would need.  In the box was a chicken pot pie (a family favorite), corn bread shaped like little hearts, a salad and two beers.  It was perfect timing, because the day had been busy and hectic and we had absolutely no food in the house.  You better believe I had one of those beers open and half-way down my throat while I unpacked everything else.  It was wonderful.  And impressive considering the fact that Kathy has her own three children and snow / ice dams to deal with.

We also received a box of congo bars and good advice from our neighbor across the street.  So many people got water in their houses over the last week and so it is unbelievably kind for them to take time out of their own floor mopping to help us out.  Thank you!

The water has finally stopped seeping into our house.  The construction crews came for three days in a row and removed all the ice and snow from our roof and gutters.  The builder and his son-in-law came over on Friday to make a list of all things that need to be repaired or replaced.  With moldings, ceilings, and floor boards, the list is long but manageable.  We are also talking about how to prevent the ice dams in the future.  Right now we're considering adding insulation to our attic and putting in heaters in our gutters and on the roof.  If anyone has any other suggestions, we would love to hear them.  It's only the middle of February, after all and as frightening as it is to imagine, we're probably going to get more snow.

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