Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Taste of Thailand

The ice dams have put our kitchen lights out of commission and the thought of cooking in the dark on Saturday night seemed too depressing for words.   Gordy and I decided to take the girls out to a restaurant for dinner.  Since Henry and his peanut allergies were at a friend's birthday party, we decided it was the perfect time to give Georgia and Josie their first taste of Thai food. 

Georgia is not always the most adventurous eater.  Her favorite foods have a distinctively 1950's flair.  She prefers Chicken Pot Pie to grilled chicken and Macaroni and Cheese to pasta primavera.  Anything that combines dairy and carbohydrates is good and anything that touches a tomato or meat-based protein source is bad.  We knew that Thai food would be pushing the limit, but new experiences are good for any child and we hoped that maybe she'd like all those peanutty noodles.

Nope.  We were wrong.  Georgia would like you to know that the lemonade was fantastic, though.

She also enjoyed the steamed veggies in our Green Garden, so that's something.

The girls were very excited to receive fortune cookies with the check.  After all we have gone through with our house this past week, I thought mine was rather poignant:

I've heard that children need to try new foods three times before they like them, and so we will not give up on Georgia and Thai food.  And then we will move on to Indian....

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