Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Daddy Daughter Dance

Last Saturday night was the long-awaited Daddy / Daughter Dance.  Gordy had a tremendous stroke of good luck, and Henry's hockey tournament schedule was rearranged at the last minute.  Which meant that not only could Gordy attend three of the four games, but it also meant that I would be home to do the girls' hair before the big dance.  There wasn't much time between my arrival home with Henry, and Gordy's departure with Georgia and Josie, but we made it and the girls looked combed and lovely as a result.

Josie loves nothing better than a chance to dress up in fancy clothes. 

Georgia, on the other hand, is eight now and starting to develop opinions.  She happily put on her dress and poised for pictures, but later that night after she got home from the dance, Georgia informed me that next year she would wear a "regular" dress and not a "poufy" one.  According to Georgia, she was the only 8 year old wearing pouf, but the pictures that Gordy took with my mini-camera tell a different story.  It looked to me like everyone was wearing their poufy holiday dresses, but what do I know.  I knew we were approaching the end for the matching, little-girl, holiday dresses, but it's sad nonetheless.

At exactly seven o'clock, The Daddy and The Daughters left for their Dance:

At exactly 7:01, The Mother and The Son celebrated:

Henry and I settled down to our annual ritual:  The Mother/Son Movie Night.  We watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events," which we are happy to report was entertaining.  (A side note:  I am forever grateful to Lemony Snicket and his Series of Unfortunate Events.  Henry learned to read in Kindergarten and dutifully read all books assigned to him in school, but I could never get him to read anything for pleasure.   That is until a few years later, he discovered the Baudelaire orphans and their adventures and within weeks, he had read through all 13 books.  Lemony Snicket's books inspired Henry to try other books (and other series) and now he is a daily reader like the rest of his family.  Which is a huge relief, because we were starting to worry that maybe Henry had been switched at birth!) 

Gordy and the girls, meanwhile, arrived at the dance armed with comfortable dancing shoes and my mini-camera, which I am sad to report had a dying battery and therefore, took some pretty blurry shots.

Gordy documented the taking of the souvenir photo (above) and the sampling of the punch (below).  Note the two mother-type people in the photo below.  Who on earth are they?  Who attends a daddy / daughter dance if they could be at home, wearing their pajamas?

Even though the dance had been postponed twice due to inclement weather, and then rescheduled for the end of vacation week, there were still a ton of people there.

The dancing began and Gordy got a few blurry shots of the girls doing the Cotton Eye Joe and the Macarena.  Please note the presence of more than one eight year old wearing a puffy dress.

The girls stopped dancing long enough for a quick bathroom break.  It was at this moment ,when Georgia informed Gordy that she would prefer it if he didn't hang out with her.

If this photo captures the expression on Georgia's face, you can only imagine what Gordy looked like! 

Luckily for him, Josie was still thrilled to dance with her daddy.

Hidden behind another father, so as not to alert Georgia to his close proximity, Gordy got this cute photo of the girls line dancing.

And then the camera died. 

Gordy brought the girls home soon after.  We were all planning to attend Henry's early morning hockey game the next morning and Gordy wanted the girls to get some sleep before they had to get up at 5:30am.  He reports that it was a fun evening even if his oldest daughter is no longer interested in dancing with him.  I'm sure it is just the first of many, many occasions in the future!


Aaron said...

Have you considered the possibility that Georgia's reluctance to dance with Gordy is more a consequence of how he dances (which I have witnessed)? It is quite humorous.

For whatever it is worth, my 7-year old won't even entertain attending the annual Daddy-Daughter dance. When it was mentioned to her, she had a look on her face that is reminiscent of the look a person has when they smell something rancid.

Martha said...

I can barely type for the tears of laughter filling my eyes! I shudder to think what Gordy looks like dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, but Gordy's mother would like you to know that Gordy is a WONDERFUL dancer. As for you, obviously, Jessica doesn't know what she is missing!

Aaron said...

I agree. No one can "raise the roof" or do "the rerun" with the same verve as I demonstrate.

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