Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Embarrassing Confession

I have a confession to make.  After years of claiming that we would never be the sort of parents who over-schedule their poor children, after years of saying that we would never be the type of parents who force child robots from one program to another, killing their imagination and ability to appreciate free time in the process, Gordy and I find ourselves the parents of three children with a combined 15 activities a week.  Sigh.  We've really done it this time.

Gordy and I didn't mean for our children to be All Work and No Play.  Spring is always tricky because while hockey is dying a slow, painful death, lacrosse is enjoying a rebirth like a phoenix rising from the flame.  Add this to the beginning of soccer and swimming lessons (which are only offered in the spring) and rehearsals for the spring ballet performance and stir in all the year-round things like tennis, yoga, ballet lessons and you suddenly realize that there isn't time in the day to get everything done and the word "play time" is a fond memory of a childhood lost behind.

Can you tell that I've had a bad week?

Our current weekend schedule looks something like this:

Friday Evening:  hockey game, lacrosse practice
Saturday morning:  swimming lessons, soccer practice, hockey game
Saturday afternoon:  lacrosse practices / games
Sunday:  lacrosse, indoor soccer, hockey

I won't tell you about the week because I'm too embarrassed.  You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that I can barely remember what Gordy looks like.  If it makes anyone feel better, as coach of two different lacrosse teams and one hockey team, Gordy is over-scheduled as well. 

Luckily for us, this crazy schedule will slow down.  Hockey, believe it or not, ends;  the ballet performance happens and then is no more;  indoor soccer only overlaps with outdoor soccer once or twice.  Swim lessons only last four weeks.  Personally, I can't wait. 

Because of the tremendous routine of rush-drop off - rush - pick up - rush- make dinner -collapse, I haven't had as much time to take pictures and enjoy the daily cuteness of my children.  Which means that this blog is suffering greatly.  I could take a picture of every activity over the weekend so you can laugh at our stupidity and judge us for our over-scheduling and I'm certainly not above that.  But today, I will show you some pictures from Josie's last tennis lesson. 

Josie takes tennis once a week at an indoor facility that is amazing.  This particular lesson didn't include much racket work (unusually) but I did get some cute shots of her through the glass partition and netting. 

And as I rush off to yet another hockey game, dragging my two girls and their Bag of Amusement and Activities with me, feel free to mock me endlessly and judge me like crazy.  I'm judging myself.

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