Sunday, March 13, 2011


What with Josie's birthday and lost tooth, I feel like I'm blog-neglecting my other two children.  I do spend more time with Josie because she is only at school for a half-day and because she doesn't participate in many sporting events that take her away from home on weekends.  But Henry and Georgia are still around - it's not like I've apprenticed them to silversmiths or seamstresses... yet.

This past Saturday was Georgia's first day of real, team lacrosse.  She's been practicing lacrosse for a few years with Gordy on the driveway, and last summer, she attended a week-long lacrosse camp, but this is the first year she is finally old enough to play on a real team... in the next town over, I mean.  Our town doesn't have a lacrosse program for girls her age. 

Girls lacrosse players wear absolutely no pads whatsoever.  This is a big contrast from boys lacrosse (which Henry plays) where the geared-up kids could easily be mistaken for football players.  The only concession to safety that girls are allowed are these protective eye goggles:

Luckily for us all, beginning lacrosse players do not throw very hard and their aim is usually terrible. 

While Georgia prepped for the practice by eating a high-protein lunch, Josie entertained us:

Don't ask.  I had to pick her up to shut her up:

Everyone was very thankful.  And look!  We match!

Georgia loved lacrosse.  Loved It.  We are very thankful to our neighbors to the west for allowing an out-of-towner to play on their team.  I'll be sure to attend a practice/game soon and take photos.

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