Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Georgia and Josie have been in desperate need of haircuts for weeks now.  Our usual hair cutter went on maternity leave (perhaps permanent) and I have been ignoring the problem in hopes that their hair might just stop growing on its own accord or perhaps haircutting elves might visit during the night and the girls would wake one morning to find brand new bobs on their heads and pointy shoes at their bedside.  Alas.

I am not a fan of Supercuts or Hair Cuttery for girls.  Boys with buzz cuts can go just about anywhere, but girls with iron-straight hair need a little more expertise.  The place where I get MY haircut shuns children, so I chose a newish salon and hoped for the best.  (unshun!  hee hee)

The Sisters Grim

I don't normally call my children grim, a title usually reserved for my own sisters and I when we pose together, but really.  Yuck.  If you need further proof, here's a close up:

Georgia went first:

As you can see, her hair really needed a good two-three inches cut off.

While Georgia had her first beauty-parlor shampoo, Josie tried out another chair to get an idea of what her turn would feel like:

Josie would like you all to know that she is certain that spa treatments would suit her just fine.

Voila!  Beautiful, shorter hair - this time with tiny layers to help with the detangling in the morning.

Next it was Josie's turn.

Here she is getting the actual shampoo:

And here she is with her new, shorter bob:

Josie often likes to go short in the summer and was having a hard time trying to decide if she wanted to cut her hair short again this year.  Here is a photo of her spring haircut last year:

I think Josie's hair looks wonderful at this length and I think Josie would have gone for a shorter cut again if Georgia hadn't been there making a face every time the word "short" came up in conversation. 

Six years old and already succumbing to peer pressure.  sigh.

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