Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Josie!

I'm not sure who was more excited about Josie's sixth birthday - me or Josie.  Never has a birthday been more greatly anticipated.  Josie was excited to turn the very-grown-up 6 and to open presents;  I was excited because after a horribly snowy, icy winter, I have begun to equate Josie's birthday to the beginning of spring. 

Obviously, I have lost my mind, because March is not spring in New England and to prove it, I just have to remember the blizzard that occured on the day Josie was actually born.  Josie was induced and never, in the history of motherhood, has a mother been more eager to get her baby out.  Nothing - not even the threat of a terrible storm - was going to stop me from getting to the hospital that morning. 

So as the snow and wind bellowed outside our windows, and the snow plow rumbled past our house, I made poor Gordy get up TWICE in the middle of the night to dig our car out of the snow, so we wouldn't waste any precious time getting to the hospital.  And in the morning, as Gordy, yawning and exhausted, drove through the barely visible storm, I made him speed up so we could get there faster. 

I force myself to think of that snow storm whenever I start to get too giddy about the approaching month of March.

Although it felt like the day would never come, Josie's birthday did, in fact, arrive as scheduled.  Josie is always the first person up in the morning and on her birthday, she received permission to wake everyone else up so that she could have a proper audience while she opened her loot. 

The early morning wake up call was difficult for Georgia:

Look at this amazing 3D card from my aunt and uncle!  Where did you find this card, Joyce?  It was a huge hit - especially with all the other kindergartners at Josie's friend party.

Josie was very, very happy to open this coin purse from Elizabeth:

And these doggy cups from Elizabeth, as well:

Geogia "gave" Josie an equestrian outfit for her American Girl Doll:

And Josie also got two new doll outfits from her cousins, Zach and Ned:

Granny and Grandfather gave her this wonderful shirt (which she wore two days in a row to school) and some books & Grandma and Grandpa gave her a pair of pink rollerblades.  Josie was very pleased with all her gifts.

Lois and Harvey sent this fabulous raincoat and umbrella:

And Gordy and I gave her this huge tutu that she has been coveting for weeks from the local gift shop:

All in all, it was an impressive haul.

That evening, we celebrated Josie with a bakery cake:

Josie was very excited to make her birthday wish this year:

Five and Six are such wonderful ages.  I've really enjoyed watching Josie grew this year.  She left her happy, tiny co-op preschool and went bravely to a new school and a kindergarten where she knew almost no one.  She started playing soccer this fall and Gordy and I were amazed by her speed and determination on the field.  We've been equally impressed by her dedication to learning to read and write.  This spring, Josie will be in another ballet performance, she will play soccer again and take more swimming lessons and she will become a first grader.  She is very excited and we can't wait, either!

Happy Birthday, Josie!


megan.love said...

Happy Birthday Josie! I remember the day you arrived - your Aunt Elizabeth was so happy.
I am really enjoying watching you grow up via your mom's blog.
Wishing you all things wonderful this year. Megan

Martha said...

Thank you, Megan. I got rollerblades for my birthday. And a stuffed animal puppy. We went to a movie called "Gnomeo and Juliet" It was a really fun birthday. -Josie

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