Thursday, March 10, 2011

Josie's Friend Party

On the Friday after her birthday, Josie had her friend party. 

To prepare, Josie decorated cupcakes with multi-colored sugar crystals and princess toothpicks.

We also made up goodie bags (or in this case, boxes) to give to each girl at the end of the party.

Originally, Josie planned to have a Restaurant Party - meaning that she would take her friends to a restaurant for dinner.  After Josie made this decision, Gordy and I made a decision of our own:  there was no way we were going to take more than 4 of Josie's friends to a restaurant for her birthday.  It was hard for Josie to limit her guest list to just four, but she did it. 

And then she changed her mind and decided that a movie party was a better idea. 

Personally, I was thrilled.  Georgia had a movie party for her birthday this year, and it was a fun and very easy event.  We popped popcorn, stuck a movie in the DVD for the kids, and then went upstairs and forgot about them for a while.  We tried to encourage Josie to do a similar party.  I even offered to let her invite 15 kids to sweeten the offer, but Josie had other ideas.  She wanted a movie party at an actual movie theater and she wanted to see the movie, "Gnomeo and Juliet."  I went back to the original plan:  no more than four girls.

Finished with the decorating, Josie waited the painful 30 minutes until her friends arrived:

Please notice the outfit change that has occurred.

And now, please observe the third outfit change in the following picture:

That's right, just before the party started, Southern Sister's present arrived and Josie insisted on wearing both the hat and the dress immediately.

The hat WAS pretty impressive.  Even Georgia, had to give it a try:

The party was a big success.  The movie was a tad slow, but it ended cutely and the kindergartners all liked it.  I find that most kid parties are best kept short and action-packed and this one definitely was.  I also find that most kid parties are best followed with a nice, stiff martini, so after we had dropped off the girls at their respective houses, we went to our favorite local restaurant right away.

Parties are a lot of fun and it's great to be the birthday girl, but all that fun comes with a price:  Thank You Notes.

Josie sat down and worked on hers over the weekend.

It took the better part of the afternoon and several candy bribes, but she managed to get all her friend and family thank yous finished.

Next came the most exciting part of turning six - the removal of the back of the car seat.  Josie is now officially sitting in a low-back booster and she is VERY pleased.

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