Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring - or rather it's ugly, cold New England stepsister - is starting to arrive in our town. 

Remember this?

This area of our driveway now looks like this:

A huge improvement, right?
Our front stairs are almost accessible again:

While Georgia, Henry and Gordy were at lacrosse practice, Josie and I decided to help the melting process along.  We came armed with shovels.

Voila!  Clear stairs!

It was a pretty warm (ish) day, so Josie got out her bike.  It's been so long since the children could ride bikes on our driveway. 

It's been so long since we could SEE the driveway.

I heard it's supposed to snow this week.  Poor Vermont just got hit with 2 feet of snow last week and I feel very badly for them.  I can't imagine more snow;  it's really been a crazy winter, weather wise.

Inside, I do have some spring beauty:

These orchids were given to us as a hostess gift at our New Year's Eve party.  And they are still blooming away in March.  Who knew in January, how much we would need cheering up from the weather three months later!

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