Sunday, March 20, 2011

The State Tournament

On Friday evening, the family piled into the car and drove a half-hour away to what is perhaps the cruddiest ice rink in the the nation.  Our mission (besides avoiding all offending rink surfaces) was to watch Henry and his team play game one of the state tournament.  I brought my camera thinking I might get some great action shots, but the grime-covered plexiglass and the filthy netting made picture taking impossible.

It was not their best game.  Henry's team played hard but there was one three-minute moment when everything seemed to go wrong and the other team got four goals in a row.  It was extremely distressing.

Don't worry, Georgia didn't even notice the tension or the anxiety.  She spent the entire game engrossed in her book (11 Birthdays) and did not look up until we started leaving the rink. 

Our team lost the game 5-1.  They still had two more games to play in the tournament, though, so we remained optimistic. 

On Saturday morning, Gordy gave a master class in stick taping for all those who were interested:

Only Henry showed up.

Henry has helped tape a stick before, but he's never one to skip a refresher course.

The next two games were exciting.  Henry's team won the Saturday afternoon game 5-1.  Henry got one of those five goals, which was fantastic.  Sadly, our team lost the Saturday evening game 5-2 and that meant the end of the tournament for us.  Henry was responsible for one of those two goals, though, so that was a bright spot. 

The season is still not over either;  there's a whole month left to go.  Lucky us!

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