Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think in the future, Gordy and I will refer to this time period of our lives as "the end of the bunny years."  No one is fessing up to it, but I think all three of our children are starting to wisen up to certain life facts regarding our friend, The Easter Bunny. 

But we went through the motions one more time -- perhaps for old times sake.

The Easter Bunny had hidden the baskets around our family room - the only room on our first floor not saran-wrapped against the dust of the construction and replastering. 

Here in our part of the world, the Easter Bunny gives gifts as well as candy.  One year, the Easter Bunny gave our children only candy and then Henry went off to school the next day and came home wondering why the Easter Bunny gave his friends Lego sets and Nerf guns.  Why indeed, I asked?

Since then, the Bunny and I have reached an agreement:  one toy and the rest marshmallow cream eggs and chocolate bunnies (with starburst and sweet tarts for the allergy kid).

The children still wonder why the Easter Bunny is so darn stingy.

This year, our friends Janet and Kevin invited us to their house for Easter Dinner and I was assigned to the dessert.  I love to make dessert because it means that I can make what I like and it guarantees that the hostess won't be serving something disappointing like a fruit platter or anything whose main ingredient is a lemon.  yuck.

This year, I decided to make a chocolate torte for the grown-ups and a cookie platter for the kids (and grown ups like me who like to throw all dieting to the wind on major holidays).

The girls helped me make chow mein noodle bird nests:

Janet planned an egg hunt and egg decorating at her house, so we skipped our own egg hunt in the morning. 

Josie found the first egg and was reaching up high to get it when....

Older child snatched it right out from under her - well, over her.

Look at that face!

Even moments later, Josie was still glaring:

But she did manage to get a few eggs in her bag:

Boy, do kids love a good egg hunt:

In the end, I had Kevin take a family photo so Gordy and I could remember that we were there when we look through our photo albums when we are old(er):

Inside, Janet had spread out a heap of egg decorations and egg dye kits:

It was such a treat to spend Easter with other people - thanks, Janet, Kevin & boys!


Elizabeth said...

Those nest cookies look quite impressive, Martha Stewart.

Martha said...

What I really should have photographed was the mess left over after making such martha stewart-esque cookies. Mercy.

elisabethellington said...

Ooh, good to know that the Easter Bunny leaves presents AS WELL AS candy. I'm not sure we're going to make a big push for the Easter Bunny here, but I definitely believe in the Easter basket full of sweet and chocolatey goodness. I think Santa is going to be a hard enough sell, especially since Ryan is anti-Santa and believes that our children's faith in us will be permanently destroyed if we tell them this year that there's a Santa and have to confess in another year or two that we made the whole thing up. I personally managed to believe in Santa until I was 10. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the post-Santa world. So Temesgen might still have a couple of years?? If I can talk Ryan into a little make believe....

Martha said...

Be sure to check with some local families about that whole present thing ... no sense in making the poor old bunny carry extra baggage that he doesn't leave anywhere else in your neighborhood! Personally, I think all a basket needs is some cadbury mini eggs and a lot of sees chocolate!

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