Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Artists

The other day, Josie came home with this wonderful puppet that she made in art class.

It's actually her!  And what's more, she decided to make Silly Josie and that is why her puppet Josie's tongue is sticking out.

I loved this puppet so much that it got me thinking about all the wonderful art and craft projects that she has brought home this year. 

There was the leprechan hat:

And the Swedish Christmas Crown:

And the red dreidel:

And what we refer to as the Beaver Hat (but is actually a ground hog)

Even Millie, our fake dog, got to partake:

Josie made this jug in art class:

And this beautiful pinch-pot:

And this tent made from the art teacher's famous Recycle Buffet:

I love all these art projects.  I love them so much that I always take their photo before I throw them in the trash. 

I'm not sure what is going on in art for Georgia.  She talks a lot about cutting foam and using the pieces to create paint stamps.  And there was a clay giraffe that got a lot of publicity around the new year, but I haven't actaully SEEN anything.  I guess we will get all of Georgia's art projects on the last day of school.

Henry has brought a few things home, but most of them are part of his book genre project that I mentioned before in this post:

The latest book genre was biography and Henry chose a book about Sidney Crosby (the hockey player, for those of you who aren't up on your hockey players)

The assignment was called the Stamp Project and Henry had to design a US postage stamp featuring Sidney and then write an essay explaining why he deserved to be commemorated.

Once again, it was an enjoyable project.

Another month was Greek Mythology and Henry had to design a Face Poster about Callisto.

I went to an actual craft store to buy that bear fur.  I thought it was the most creative thing Henry had ever done, until I arrived on the fifth grade floor for Henry's parent / teacher conference and saw two other hairy bear posters on the wall.  No wonder he didn't get the highest grade on that one.

Josie, however, loved the bear and happily tried it out:

I don't remember doing all these artistic crafts at school, but I must have.  When she cleaned out her home, my mother gave me a large, paper-stuffed girl that I made at some point in my elementary school career and I have a memory of making a picture of myself in kindergarten where we had to make a hand which we glued on top of a kleenex that was stuck to our nose/mouth area of our face.  A strange, but somehow comforting project to a germ-o-phobe like myself.

My children are being exposed to many different techniques and artistic mediums and for that I am greatful.  Georgia tells anyone who will listen that she wants to be an artist when she grows up.  Whenever she brings home any evidence, I'll let you know if that's a possibility.


Aaron said...

This is all very nice work. I do, however, take issue with Henry's choice for a US stamp. Crosby's a great player, but he is a Canadian. Why would we honor a Canadian with a US stamp? There are some decent US hockey players...let's get one of them on a stamp! Might I suggest Patrick Kane? Or Gordy? Your Gordy...not Gordie Howe - he's a Canadian too.

Martha said...

Yes. I thought of that, too. Oh well. At least he read the book which is something.

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