Friday, April 1, 2011


Look what I saw when I opened Georgia's window blind this morning!

(and no, I'm not talking about the snow which was so incredibly horrifying that it requires a post of its own.  Mother Nature has played a cruel and unusual April Fools joke on us this year.)

What a beautiful hawk.  The children and I watched him/her eat some sort of mouse-like critter for breakfast and then we watched him sit for 45 minutes and digest.  If I homeschooled, I could consider the hour a science lesson and then call it a day.

I took these photos through the window pane in Georgia's room with my telephoto lens.  He/she was actually quite big but not huge.

Nature!  So very interesting.  Who knew?

(my mother, the bird lover, writes:  "We think it's a Sharp Shinned Hawk - a small woodland hawk with a gray back and head and rusty red breast.  Long tail with several dark bands."  Neat!


Angela said...

We had a similar hawk fly right up close to our house, trying to get at some smaller birds in a bush. We didn't have such beautiful, close up photos, so we couldn't determine if it was a Sharp-Shinned or Cooper's. Yours looks just like the Sharp Shinned in my Audubon guide!

Martha said...

That was the amazing thing about this hawk... his ability to stay still for so long. He must enjoy the paparazzi! The snow had bent all the branches down, making a coccoon, so maybe he thought he wasn't all that visible. I will have to look up the Cooper's hawk and check it out. Thanks for visiting!

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