Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Pleasantly Slow Wednesday

After tennis class, a mad dash to the gas station (the computer on my car said that we had 1 mile left of gasoline to go before the car was empty) and a trip back to school to pick up a forgotten book, the children and I found ourselves with a wonderfully empty afternoon. 

Henry and Georgia got down to homework and Josie made her third outfit change of the day so she could decorate some pretend cupcakes:

Like her great-grandmother Ruth before her, to Josie, nothing says domestic work more than a nice dress, stockings and pretty shoes.

Josie got this decorate-your-own-fake-cupcake set from Henry for her birthday.  It's by the brand Melissa and Doug and it's been a huge hit.

The cupcakes are wooden and you use dry erase markers to draw on the top icing.  The dry erase markers rub off with a paper towel, so you can decorate over and over until you get bored.

If only they were real.

Meanwhile, Georgia was working on two things:  her homework and a letter to her friend Caroline, from her old school.

Georgia and Caroline have been friends for a long time and now they are also pen-pals.  (or as the British call it "Pen Friends")

Don't worry about the fact that Caroline still lives a mile from our house... when you're in second grade, not seeing each other every day is a great hardship.  Apparently.

I didn't get a photo of the first letter Georgia wrote to Caroline, but below is Caroline's very neat response:

Today, Georgia wrote back:

The photo is very hard to read so I will transcribe it, spelling and punctuation mistakes included:

"Dear, Caroline  It's funny that you heard one of my favoite songs!  In school we are learning about Tomie depaola, and in math we are learning all adout fractions, and we are also learning all adout Japan.  I hope you are having a good time at Irish step danceing class and I wish you a happy late birthday.  k.i.t.  your friend, Georgia"

Cute, huh?  For all you who aren't text-literate, k.i.t. means "keep in touch."  Don't worry, I had to ask. 

I had a pen pal in second grade, too.  My friend Leslie Baum moved from our home in New Jersey to Atlanta after first grade and she and I corresponded for years.  I'm not sure how long Georgia and Caroline will keep up with their letter writing.  Once soccer starts and the pool opens, they'll see each other a lot more often and the novelty might wear off.  Until then, they are having fun, practicing letter writing, working on their handwriting and getting a healthy appreciation for the mail.  Sounds good to me.


Trish said...

LOVE it!
You would actually think that you had picked up and moved to Japan according to my girls.
Caroline still tells me how school would be better if Georgia was there!

Martha said...

I know! The whole pen pal thing was pretty adorable!

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