Friday, April 15, 2011

The Reconstruction Begins

Remember this?  (and no, those watery marks on the ceiling are not part of the design concept)

A few short weeks ago, my roof looked like this:

And it ends up when you add the above nightmare with the below horror story, you get water in your home.

Lots and lots of water.  Much of it brown and dirty and all of it loud and drippy.

In the weeks that have followed, we've had insurance agents, roofing experts, contractors, painters, flooring companies and plumbers walking through the house, sharing with us their expert opinions.

On Wednesday, the contractor began ripping out damaged plaster ceilings.

My dining room now looks like this:

Very formal and ready for entertaining, no?

Next to go was the ceiling in our side entry hall / mudroom. 

Henry has terrible asthma and Gordy and I have been so traumatized by the thousand of late-night nebulizer treatments and trips to the hospital emergency room, that with construction, we are not willing to take any chances on further muddying up our house's air quality. 

After a long "discussion," our contractor sealed up every door and opening and worked VERY HARD at keeping dust levels at a minimum.  He did a good job and I was extremely grateful.

And the children enjoyed all the plastic covered doors.

It was kind of neat to see the innards of the house exposed.  I say "kind of," because obviously, I'd rather not have had ice dams and I'd much rather still be in a state of ignorant bliss about what the plumbing in my house looks like.

On the positive side, exposing the plumbing in the hallway gave us the opportunity to get our plumber out to the house and have him fix a small problem we were having with the drainage of our bathtub. 

I guess that's a silver lining of some sort.

Next up will be the removal of the living room ceiling and then the construction of new ceilings for all three areas.  And then the painter will come back and the electrician.

And then we move upstairs to the real damage.  It feels good to be moving ahead.


Aaron said...

I can't imagine how traumatic that whole experience is/was for you. Hopefully when they are done it will be fixed - do they think that they really got at the true root of the the problem so it won't recur?

Martha said...

First of all,THANK YOU! It was traumatic. I can't help but feel let down by this house that I love. Right now it seems like the problem was caused by a mixture of a rotten, cold,snowy winter and perhaps not enough insulation in the attic... and owners who are not from snowy climes who do not know to rake their roof after major ice storms. But, really, in our defense, WHO would know that you have to rake a roof? This is why I want to live in an apartment. Perferably in Manhattan. Gordy would also like to live in NYC except his reasoning is that he wants to be closer to Tang Tang.

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