Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break: Without The Camera

When I stopped the last post, we were in the Bahamian sunshine enjoying the water slides of Atlantis.  Josie and I were standing on the observation deck of the most horrific of all scary water slides, The Leap of Faith, and we were waiting for Henry, Georgia and Gordy to make the plunge to the bottom.  I had just taken my third photo of Josie "waiting" at the bottom of a slide when my beloved camera lens stopped working.  It no longer focused, it no longer took pictures and instead it made a pitiful clicking noise whenever I attempted to push the button.  I figured it might be a battery problem, so I didn't bother to switch to my telephoto lens which was sad because I might have been able to get some pictures of Henry and Georgia as they flew down the slide and narrowly escaped their death.

From this point on, I had to rely on my tiny canon powershot camera and so the photos are not the best quality.

Our trip to the Bahamas was not all about the resort.  We also went to the beach and were able to swim in the crystal clear ocean.

And we spent time at the many aquariums and fish habitats:

But we found ourselves at the pool most of the time:

We were a little wiser on this trip to Atlantis.  We made our dinner reservations in advance so we could avoid the no-reservations-needed options of pizza and Johnny Rockets.  Just for fun, we dressed up for dinner:

On our last afternoon, we split up into groups again.  Henry, Gordy and Georgia went off to The Tower of Power and Josie and I went to the sunburst pool. 

It was almost 90 degrees and there were very little shade to be found so Josie and I didn't feel like being in the pool for very long.  We decided to go back to our lounge chairs and wait for the rest of the family there.  That morning, Gordy and I had forgotten to put suntan lotion on Josie's face and while she is the only one of our children tans regularly, I was still nervous about her getting too much sun.  Once we got back to our seats, I had her put on her visor:

But the sun was really intense and beating down on us and I was worried that Josie was still getting too much sun, so I gave her my hat. 

Oh my goodness, was she cute.  Josie is such a good companion.  She loves to just sit and talk... and if she has a proper costume, she's happy to play the part of the lounging, beach-going teenager.
Our vacation was pretty short - we were only in the Bahamas for two and a half days, but it was the perfect length for us.  We are home now and even though it is still cold and rainy here, we find ourselves feeling more optimistic that the sunny weather will find us eventually.

We hope you had a wonderful spring break, too.

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