Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Winner

As if winning the league championship wasn't exciting enough, there was further hockey honor for the Elliot household.

Henry won the Thomas Galvin Award, "presented annually to the travel team player who best represents the ideals of the late Thomas Galvin.  Hard Work, Dedication, Sportsmanship, Integrity and Honesty."

It is an enormous honor and Henry was really surprised and excited.  As were we.

The award was announced at the annual Hockey Banquet where Henry, Gordy and Josie represented the Elliots while Georgia and I were at her lacrosse practice.  I should take this moment to congratulate Gordy on his fine photo-taking skills.  Good Job, Gordy!

Henry won this award for his travel team, the Squirt A's.  To add to the excitement of the evening, Henry's lifelong friends, E & R, sons of our good friends Kathy and Clint, won the award for their teams as well.  It probably means nothing to the boys, but I think it's neat that all three of them won the same award in the same year.  They have all worked hard for their teams and it's nice for them to be recognized for their hard work.  Gordy thinks this may be the first time that brothers won in the same year, so kudos to you, E & R! 

Josie spent most of the evening hanging out with a friend from kindergarten - another hockey sibling with nowhere else to go. 

She's a good sport, too, our Josie.  Too bad they didn't give out an award for Best Under Six Spectator.

In conclusion, Gordy took a photo of the fluorescent banquet buffet.  Perhaps it will entice you send your child out to the hockey rink next year.  Only those lucky families with hockey players get to partake of this magnificent feast:

I know you're jealous.  Freezing cold ice rinks, ungodly hours and overcooked pasta.... what more could you ask for?

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